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New member
Jul 27, 2018
Galaxy S8 plus, ACR set to "mic," only records my half of the conversation more than half the time. Frustrating as hell, because I don't know whether it's working until after the conversation.


New member
Jun 17, 2013
Unable to record incoming conversations

for me ACR does not work - it records only my voice!?

This is not an isolated case, I believe it's something to do with encrypting your phone during initial setup, users who did not encrypt their device, are able to record incoming voices.
This is not the official reason, but seems most logical, considering I have tried the same apps on secure and non secure S8's.

There is a 'rooted' method that allows the user to enable the built-in Samsung firmware call recording feature.
However I'm not sure if this feature is selectable with encryption enabled.
Hope this helps. :good:

Amjad Raza

New member
Dec 29, 2019
Need call recorder for Samsung S8+ SM G955F.

Hay every one. I am new user from Pakistan in this platform plz help me Does anyone know any working call recorder for Samsung Galaxy SM G955F version9.0 pie. If anyone has any details kindly let me also know as I have tried multiple call recording apps(Boldbeast recorder, Total call recorder, ACR etc)on my phone but none of them seems to be working.


Dec 14, 2019
I've been facing similar issue as what most of you mentioned here. I've Samsung S8 bought from Dubai used in India. Initially, ACR worked fine sand recorded voice from both ways. However, once Google put restrictions somewhere 1.5 year back, it stopped recording the voice of the other side. Tried all sorts of call recorders from Play Store without success.

I rooted S8 last month through Magisk. While going through Magisk module, saw a call recorder module (which eventually i didn't go for). That reminded me that I've this long pending item to resolve. Spent a day in searching. Again tried all sorts of recorders without success. Read through this thread ans another long long thread by Skvalex.

This thread gave me couple of openings. First one was cscfeature.xml . I checked CSC of my phone. It's OXM (multi-csc) followed by XSG (Dubai). Before trying to add those lines to system file cscfeature.xml, i thought I'll try Total Recall App suggested by a few friends here. Didn't have high hopes. Installed free version from Play Store. Didn't work as usual. Tried to find Magisk module in Magisk which i got to know from web. Nada. Not there. While fiddling with settings of the app, got to the right link, downloaded a patch of Magisk module, changed the recording strategy as "root" ane TADA!!! It worked!!! Against all expectations!!! Crystal clear voice recording (in fact, kind of amplified:) ) of the other side also.

Thank you all.

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