Caller ID and Spam Protection are greyed out on an unlocked phone.

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Jul 5, 2022
Guys, this issue will be Service provider related. I have two S10, same Model Number (SM-G973F/DS), same Software latest version (G973FXXUFHVE1), working on same network (Vodafone, Spain) so unlocked. One has Caller ID and spam protection ON but you cannot turn off, other is the opposite. Switched OFF and you cannot turn off.

But the Service provider software versions are different (CSC code):
Protectoin ON: .....AMO/AMO,AMO/AMO (Spain)
Protection OFF: .....BTU/BTU,BTU/BTU (Great Britain)

Maybe that's the key... i'm going to try to change BTU version to AMO on my second phone and keep you updated.

Guide how to change the Service provider (CSC code):
hey may i know how its going so far? have you successfully changed it?

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    I have an unlocked Note 8 bought from and i am using it in Greece.

    While my Galaxy S7 has the caller id option enabled on my Note 8 this option is greyed out.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Unlocked using Verizon and it's enabled for me.
    Probably there are a lot of people who do not have the same problem as i do. By just saying that you are ok you understand that you are giving me no help at all, right?
    I think xbmoyx comment is certainly helpful as it indicates that unlocked Note 8 does support the feature.
    My unlocked Note also supports it, using TMO as provider in the US.
    I think there is no spam phone register in Europe/Greece yet, so the service is not being provided to you and that is the reason why it is greyed out.