[CAM-MOD] ["Note 2 Camera"] 24.09. 30Mbit/192kbit/Hardkey-Vol.UP/SLOW/FAST-MOTION

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Jul 12, 2018
It doesn't work for me.

Whenever I choose slow motion it crashes. I'm running on a rooted S3 SCH-I535. Also, I manually put the SamsungCamera.apk file in system/app and deleted SamsungCamera.odex.

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    [CAM-MOD] ["Note 2 Camera"] 24.09. 30Mbit/192kbit/Hardkey-Vol.UP/SLOW/FAST-MOTION

    Here my newest MOD:

    Now for the GALAXY NOTE 2 / Galaxy S3 :

    New in 1.52:

    - based on Galaxy NOTE 2
    - SLOW MOTION ENABLED 1/2 , 1/4 , 1/8
    - All the HX-MOD stuff from the last versions integrated....
    - Just flash the CWM file !

    New in 1.5:

    - based on the newest Firmware "BLI7"

    New in 1.45:

    - based on the newest Firmware "BLG1"

    This time Samsung has changed a lot and it was much more work to figure out all the features. I still want to fix some minor bugs, so that i can release the 1.45 version tomorrow.

    note: To have the Camera COMPLETE silent you have to delete some system-Audio files from:


    Please visit my site and drop a donation if you like my work !

    New in 1.4:

    based on “ALF6” Firmware

    Take photo by pressing AND holding POWER-KEY until you feel the vibration, then release button. Unfortunately the Power-menu apears but photo is saved.

    BURST shot mode (continious 20 pics AND Best photo) by only pressing “Menu” button (capacitive button) once

    minor changes in smali-files.

    New in 1.35

    • new feature: during video now you can take photos by pressing the capacitive "menu" button"
    • New "SamsungCamera.apk" based on the newest firmware "XXALF2"
    • CWM Flash file added ! you can easily flash the file with CWM recovery

    New in Vers. 1.3:

    • Start Video-recording with Vol.UP (or virtual key) and Pause Video recording with Vol. Down AND RESUME video with vol. UP again !!! Finally STOP recording by pressing the virtual key !

    So i´m proudly presenting my first MOD for the GALAXY S3:
    I noticed a little bug in version 1.21, so here my new vers. 1.25:

    - refocus + focus-LOCK press "menu"
    - Volume Up: refocus + Shot Photo
    - Volume down - DIRECT shot without refocusing ! You can shoot instandly so many photos as you want by pressing the key very fast (3-4 pics/sec.)
    - Complete SILENCE camera except "volume DOWN" fast - mode

    New in vers. 1.2

    - Now you can instandly shoot photos by pressing Vol. Up/down without refocus object !!
    - Press "Menu" button (capacitive button) to focus an object AND it will remain focused until you shoot an photo OR refocus again
    - COMPLETE Silence Camera (even without touch-focus sound)


    - Battery mod / start Camera below 15 %
    - Start camera while on CALL
    - "VOLUME DOWN/UP" to shot a photo
    - 192 kbit @ 48khz for all resolutions

    New in Vers. 1.1:
    1080p superfine: 30 Mbit / fine: 24 Mbit / normal = 19 Mbit

    720p superfine: 19 Mbit / fine: 15 Mbit / normal: 10 Mbit

    Old vers. 1.0:
    Battery mod / start Camera below 15 %
    - Start camera while on CALL
    - "VOLUME DOWN/UP" to shot a photo
    - 21 Mbit on 1080p recording
    - 192 kbit @ 48khz for all resolutions

    If you have allready a custom rom installed: replace original SamsungCamera.apk in system\app\ with this one using e.g. "Root explorer" or something...
    You need a rooted Device !
    other then that on Stock Rom delete or move SamsungCamera.apk AND SamsungCamera.odex from system\app\ folder....
    Then simply insert the SamsungCamera.apk and set the permissions.
    Finally restart.

    Next i want to add the ability to use FLASH when battery is under 15 %, also what neggs me is the fact that when you use the "volume up/down" key to shoot a photo, it will refocus the object, even when it´s allready in focus.... But the most anoying thing is the nervouse Autofocus mode every 2 sec. ....... it would be perfect if: ones you have "touched to focus an object" it mustn´t refocus again.

    The first two mods are allready excisting for other phones, but i have to understand and research the the line which i have to edit..... so PLESE help me with these mods, .... help me searching the modded AND original Camera-files in which these MODs are allready included !
    Thanks !


    -Tested with Omega V3 ROM, and confirmed working with STOCK ROM


    Shame no one else could start a camera mod and build on it from there! As there's no telling how low it'll be before this thing gets updated!

    I'd definitely donate to that!


    I will soon release the updated version for the newest firmware.... maybe tomorrow!

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    I´m very sorry but i haven´t found time to update the Camera app from the newest firmware...... please be patient about this. I´m very busy at the moment.
    I started to look into the note2 camera app... maybe we can port/fix the slowmotion setting.

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