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Camera Flash issues

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Senior Member
Dec 6, 2010
So here's my story, and it's really not a Q or A or how to troubleshoot. A few weeks ago my MotoCare warranty was about to expire. The phone I had was over a year old so I figured let's get a new one in hand with a potentially fresher battery. New phone arrived, transferred all my data and flashed the same custom ROM I used on my old one. Everything worked fine for a few weeks. Then one morning I used the camera and the flash wouldn't work. Phone hadn't been turned off, no new apps or software... it just stopped. It would blink for a split second but not actually activate. Same with the flashlight. Checked every possible setting and set up. So I tried different camera apps, different torch apps. No dice. So then I tried different ROMS. Even went back to Marshmallow, and eventually stock. No dice. The phone was just out of the MotoCare 2 year warranty, so I resigned myself to accepting I was flashless until I bought a new phone, and kept my digital camera handy. This weekend I got a puppy. Lo and behold the first time I go to take a picture of him it flashes. I was amazed. The flashlight again works as well. Again no change in apps or software or reboots, etc. If anyone has experienced this and has an answer as to why, please chime in. Otherwise if your flash is broken, try getting a puppy.