Question Camera recording video in PAL?

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Mar 11, 2013
So I have an S20 Ultra.. and my friend just got an S21 Ultra. We're both in the US. His is from T-Mobile, mine is from Xfinity.

Anyway, I had some issues shooting video and importing into Adobe Premiere.. my video was all overexposed. That lead me to look at mediainfo of the video and while I see I'm recording in HDR, he's recording in AVC.. that could be the issue. I also notice his phone says "standard: PAL" and mine says "standard: NTSC".

Our frame rates are similar, though and so are all the other settings. But would that PAL be the reason I think his video is a little blurry when he turns the camera?

I'm gonna check tomorrow to see the model number of his phone.. maybe T-Mo sold him an Exynos European model or something.. which would be odd. Or maybe there's a setting for PAL for some reason.. we're both using standard recording mode not pro.