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Question Cameraservice_worker partial wakelock

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Feb 29, 2016


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I was curious so bought the app. Installed it, enabled it. Wakelock still triggers
Because as per screenshot, this app can turn off sensor while screen is off. So there will be still many wacklocks that records with your movement while screen is on. Turning off sensor have limited effect. If this triggger blocked completely (without turning off sensor) then it will give good results on battery. According my test with my fix which completely prevents wakelocks (not possible on stock, unless samsung itself fix it) , it gives nearly 10-15% better battery/cycle. Still this may varies on usage pattern.

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    Hello guys just an update:
    Since updating my phone to the AUHB August patch, for me I'm happy to say that this wakelock seems a lot less frequent :D!

    I can finally use my phone like how it's meant to be used. And I finally have face unlock functional again! (Previously couldn't work as sensors were off)

    What is the situation with you guys? Is anyone still having this wakelock a lot?
    There some good news that may get some relief to non root users.
    Fold 3 have removed this code and shouln't have this issue, I have found it while looking into code for some other purpose, though I don't own Fold 3 yet. So, may be with A12/next major update they are planning with august end, this may get fixed.
    And one bad news for rooted user, fold 3 now have disabled camera if you root device lol!
    Could be possible yes...

    I've had sensors off most of the day while at work. Turned sensors back on when id finished
    I believe samsung heard you. It probably adjusted the shake sensor threshold.
    With the new Update AUHB from yesterday for Exynos, I got no wakelocks fom Cameraservice_worker partial wakelock anymore.
    Yesterday on a ride with my bike for 5 hours, I had nearly 1 hour wakelocks, and today with an over 1 hour walk no wakelocks anymore.
    I hope, that it will not return again. Is there anybody else, who can confirm that?
    Wow hope this is true😍 looking forward to the new update 👌🏾
    It's still an issue with the latest update.
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    Ok, so today (thanks sunday) dig this issue further as too many discussion was going on but never experienced it as my S21U is just spared device and only using for development purpose.
    There are some good and bad news.
    • This seems intentional and to prevent camera motor sound while device isn't being used. I have doubt samsung gonna fix this
    • There can be some workaround/partial fix and may some good fix
    • Partial fix may have some compromisation like disable sensor at all while screen is off. This can be achieved with external app. Again there may be little drain for this app (Though should be negligible). App needs root.
    • Some system level fix (custom ROM) can be tried, I have tested one and result is attached in below screenshot. C=control (with stock) T= Test. In both tests, I couldn't find CamerService_wakelocks.
    Teseted1 for 9-10min walk + 2-3 min standby + some shaking - No wakelock detected
    Tested 2 with some semi manual changes - 5 min walk + some shake - No wake lock detected
    Restore stock and (control) and wakelocks returns.
    Important things to test are :
    • How much this makes difference practically
    • Does this breakes any camera/other important fuctions (Specifically when system level changes made)

    Main drawback is either of method needs root. Still looking if some workaround there for non root but chances are thin.
    Yet needs some more and thorugh testing. Let's see how time permits.

    Screenshot_20210606-201752.jpg Screenshot_20210606-224203.jpg Screenshot_20210606-223335.jpg Screenshot_20210606-222556.jpg
    Though not perfect but we can write some scripts (meanwhile Samsung fix it) that can turn off sensors while screen is off and vice versa when screen turns on.
    Which app to use or where to go to disable this wakelock?
    It's under development (testing) phase.
    Today tested effect of fix and with Sensor off method (Tool with Auto off sensor when screen is off) drain was nearly 2-3%, similar to turning off sensor manually (Benefit of fix is, it will do it on it's own, you don't needs to turn sensor On/off manually)
    Another fix is pretty cool (ROM level), No wakelocks at all. nearly 1 hr (10-15 min walk, 2-3 min screen on and rest of time in pocket in sitting position) battery drain was only 1% (attached screenshot). This fix doen't needs QS tile too.
    Unfortunately both needs root.