Can anyone help me get a copy of NaviLab or possibly help me root a Nabi Jr 16GB (NV5B) ?

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May 2, 2019
I've been feverishly searching the Internet for a working NabiLab download link and was hoping someone might could help or provide some insight into my problem. I'm attempting to root a Nabi Jr 16GB (NV5B) which I recently acquired along w/ several other devices, both working and non, for $10. It would be great to get it to run the Play Store and possibly even install YouTube, YT Kids, YT TV, or Netflix, but honestly I would be happy for this Nabi just to work w/ it's original factory ROM & Nick Jr content for my 2yr old son. I did manage to find what I think is the original factory ROM for this tablet (named ~5.5MB) but TBH haven't yet tried to install Windows drivers or flash anything to the device yet, mainly b/c I'm not sure it would solve my main problem: while the device powers on and plays the included Nick Jr videos, games, takes pix, etc, there is some weird mirrored display issue where the entire screen image is reversed like a mirror image, which may be fine until my son starts learning to read if it weren't for my other major issue involving touch input. Any touch action actually effects a tap at a mirrored location opposite and equidistant from a center line horizontally across the screen... is the best way I can describe this strange and absolutely maddening behavior. I've created a YouTube video demonstrating the screen & touch weirdness. I've tried a regular factory reset but no change.
Has anyone ever seen a device behave this way, Nabi or otherwise? I'm thinking the mirrored display and offset touch must be related, but what could be the cause? 🤔 Any advice or suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading and have a great day! :)

-L. Dollar