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Nov 28, 2022
Hey Every One

I have a Galaxy A 21s on wich I broke the Screen.
Now a few Yeas later I replaced the LCD but forgot my Password.

-Usb Debuging is Disabled.
-No Custom ROM installed, so i cant delete the Password File.
-oem Unlock is alsoe disabled.
-Find my Phone is deactivated and Google recovery also.

I have now tried a lot of ways to get to my Data but nothing worked so far.
My last resorts are trying to get a full Backup of the Phone and use it in an Android Emulator to Brutforce my Passcode.
or install Custom Recovery, restor my Backup and delete the Password File or get in with adb.

Hence my question woud it be possible to Make a Complet Backup, wit example Odin and use it in an Emulator or restore it on a Rooted Phone?

If any one knows further ways of getting back my Data im open to try things out.

Thanks for the Help.

Edit: I found that i could use adb Sideload to install Apps from stock Recovery. The only Problem i woud need to spoof the signature of the .zip im trying to instal, maybe any one knows a way wit that method?
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Jun 23, 2020
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
If you can't access it you can't copy anything.
A data recovery specialist that works with Samsung's might be able to.
I never set a lock on mobile phones or PC bios because you are the one most likely to get locked out! Security is physical, one will pay with blood for trying to steal my phone.
I redundantly back up all critical data often and keep backups in separate locations. Never encrypt backup drives. Hdds are best, flash for quick "dirty" backups. I use my 1tb SD card as a data drive then back that up. Also use two .5th OTG flashsticks.

Phone is always cased. Don't put yourself in the predicament again. Think it through and tie up the loose ends before they trip you. I've lost entire, irreplaceable databases before, not fun.
There's no such thing as overkill when it comes to backing up critical data. Digital data is otherwise very fragile.
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