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Question Can I flash roms made for the Note 10 pro (sweet) to work on the Note 10 Pro Max (sweetin)?

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Jul 8, 2021
The Redmi Note 10 Pro(Indian)(sweetin) has the same specs as the Redmi Note 10 Pro (global) except for the camera which is a 64MP sensor. I want to install to install MIUI EU ROM from the xiaomi.eu website. The model listed in the website has the codename 'sweet' which refers to the global edition with the 108MP. Most blogs and youtube videos with instruction to install the ROM for my model direct me to the official link of the xiaomi.eu webiste which is for the 108MP edition. I want to confirm that there won't be any major errors after installing the ROM. https://m.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_redmi_note_10_pro_(india)-10771.php

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    First of all this forum is for Redmi Note 10 with code name Mojito\Sunny
    So It will be better for you to ask this question in Redmi note 10 pro forum
    Second for Redmi note 10 both mojito and sunny have exactly the same specs and the respective Roms are compatible for each other