Can I root SM-T537V

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Sep 21, 2010
I have the Verizon Galaxy Tab 4 (SM-T537V). Can I root it? I have searched quite a bit but cannot find a solution that includes that model number. Does anyone have a solution and or suggestion?

Thanks in advance.


May 24, 2014
Just going to revive this thread briefly to make a point--it seems that this community has either failed to effectively bypass the Tab 4 10.1 Verizon LTE's protections which prohibit root access and unsigned roms from being flashed, or no one really cares about this variant at all. This consensus is based on the reading I have done up to this point for this particular device.

Perhaps there is a legitimate working method to root this device on the current firmware, but it must be buried in an unintuitive location somewhere on the internet.

For those of us who own this device and wish to have a non-bloated and fast experience, the truth is we are all unfortunate at this moment in time :( It's a real shame...