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Apr 2, 2023
Microsoft Surface Duo 2
hy there,

i´m new here.
i bought an used surface duo 2 ( really good condition)
When i try to update my device, the duo says there is no update available.
(Duo means the OS is up to date, current build number is 2021.1116.98 (android 11)
i tried to get an recovery image from microsoft, but something goes wrong with the
serial number. Microsoft can not verfiy the serial from the device.
(Maybe the duo was rootet, modified)
But i got an recovery image from microsoft.
I tried it to install it (with the instruction manual from microsoft).
( Step 1: Download and install the Android,USB cable from your Surface Duo... More)
But i can not install the image. i followed every step but nothing happens :-(
I hope someone can help me with my problem.
Maybe i do something wrong?

Thanks to all, they can help me.


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