Question Can somebody please look at this code and tell me what is wrong with my phone?

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Jan 27, 2023
Root file system -
One of many, many suspicious files -

I have been through numerous phones and the problems persist. It always starts with multiple Google authentication SMS texts. The a DCB authentication text. Then the entire file system end up looking like alphabet soup. I can't code but I can read, and I fear my device is affecting others devices. If anybody has knowledge in coding could you please take a look, especially at the second link I posted? There are files and folders that I know don't belong. Thanks.
Jan 27, 2023
It's just screenshots., it's an image sharing site. I'm just asking if somebody can take a look at the code and tell me wtf is going on with my phone, and my life for that matter. Literally every single thing I own is ruined. I cannot flash, I cannot reinstall OS's. My router us fuct. It started in 2019 and I've been through more devices than I can count. I can't even begin to tell the story but it all dtarted when a guy that lived in my apartment hacked my S9 and gaming PC and was using the devices to order drugs to the residence.

I'm really just trying to find somebody, anybody that will look at what I'm looking at and try to find any sort of possible solution. My life has been completly destroyed.

Sorry for the rant, but, anyways, they're just large screenshots that are too big to post.

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    I think you would get a better response by actually posting the screen shot instead of posting a link. Especially after what you said your roommate used you account for. Nobody wants to click on a link that they have no idea what may happen.
    this post is really strange, before requesting others to open suspicious links, what exactly are you asking for? this is fishy…