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Can someone upload SecEmail_Tablet.apk?

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Aug 13, 2009
Hello! I use N5120 (4.4.2 Samsung stock, rooted and deodexed)) . I recently I configured Email for POP access, and I noticed that I don't have email sound notification. (Notification sound is selected, and when I select a notification sound, I do hear the notification sound. However, when I recieve an email, there is no sound notification.)
Does anyone experience such a problem?
I would like to change SecEmail_Tablet.apk, which works with notification sounds.
(The problem may not be with the apk, but I would like to test anyway.)
If someone can upload SecEmail_Tablet.apk, I would really appreciate!!

PS: I did not do anything, but somehow the notification sound started working!! So, no need to test a different apk. Thanks
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