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Can the bootloader get corrupted? I feel like mine did.

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Sep 22, 2018
A couple of days ago. I wanted to check my phone in the morning and it started boot looping when I pressed the power button. Then, after a couple of boots it went into the TWRP recovery. I wiped cache/dalvik in hopes of a quick fix but still boots into recovery.

I can also go into the bootloader but the bootloader is completely unresponsive. It just gets stuck on the "barcodes" option, the volume keys do nothing and adb doesn't see my device when it's in the bootloader. I also tried re-flashing the same ROM I'm using(within recovery) to no avail.

I still intended on using this thing for a couple more years (I have a couple of spare OEM batteries and a spare chasis). Really appreciate any help.
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Jun 23, 2020
Any flash drive can become corrupted.
Boot loops are commonly caused by poorly coded apps like launchers and power management apps.
Rootkits are always suspect with abnormal boot ups and unstable operation when no other cause can be found.

On a stock Android a factory reset or in extreme cases a firmware reflash will resolve it unless it's a hardware failure which is rare*. Be careful what you flash, install and download... always.

*a drop, water exposure or a ESD event when repairing a phone can cause this... sometimes not immediately.