Question Can we have native call recording on EU with Galaxy A52s? SOLVED

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Sam abl

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Mar 1, 2023
Hey guys can someone please confirm that native call recording works on android 13, I hesitate to upgrade

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    So I managed to do it but it requires flashing files with Odin (but it doesn't trigger knox):

    1- My Galaxy A52s had the ROM A528BXXS1BVC2 from PHE region
    2- I downloaded with Frija the same ROM A528BXXS1BVC2 (very important) but from a region with call recorder enabled (I chose XID from Indonesia)
    3- I flashed with Odin only the HOME_CSC file in the CSC file option (I didn't flash anything else)

    Flashed successfully and call recording now appears in the Phone app settings. No factory reset needed

    I'm getting some notifications from app Samsung Gifts Indonesia (but the app can be disabled)
    I get an additional Samsung Pay app, which is a different version than the one I had already before
    In my country, Sweden, call recording is fully legal. In a phone call it is sufficient that only one of the participants (the caller) is aware of that the call is being recorded. To record a phone call without the knowledge of any of the participants is illegal unless it is done by the police and even they have to have special permit by a state attorney.

    Even though this is the case all phone makers chose to block call recording for phones sold in Sweden. I have never been able to get an answer as to why they do this.

    For my previous phone, Oneplus 8, there was a simple hack you could do in the caller app to enable call recording. Problem was that as time went by and newer firmware arrived the blocking of the call recording was restored faster and faster.

    I now rely on an Olympus pocket recorder when I must record a phone call. Sometimes as you talk to company reps or officials it is very handy to record their statements since this is permitted as evidence in our courts of law.
    In the EU it isn't legal for OEM's to sell phones with a native call recording feature.

    With Huawei phones sold in EU you can install the native call recorder apk from a region where they have this feature and problem solved.

    Can we do the same with Samsung phones, or do we need to flash a CSC from a region that has that feature?

    PS: I know some 3rd party apps can do the same but I want to use the native app that Samsung.
    can you go in (if you're on android 12)

    Root/optics/configs/carriers/single/(XID i suppose)/conf/system

    and copy upload and paste here the folder ? i want to see inside the file cscfeature.xml and cscfeature_network.xml

    so i can extrapolate the correct writing / code to activate the call recorder and apply it to other csc
    I didn't root my phone so I can't confirm, sorry..
    Hey guys can someone please confirm that native call recording works on android 13, I hesitate to upgrade
    Works for me.