Question Can we install Global Rom on Chinese version?

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May 4, 2022
I have been patiently waiting like everyone else for magic pro 4/ultimate to come out in the UK. I was told that they will be released for pre order tomorrow on the honor website site here in the UK. Only includes the Cyan/black colours. Also something else which kinda pissed me off was that they are only releasing a 256gb and 8GB ram version. Not even a 512gb/12gb ram version at the moment. Im trying to replace my Huawei p30Pro which has the same ram and hard disk space. Seems kinda stupid really, you think if it was a flagship they would release the high ends.

Also I did try to also speak to the guys on ebay selling the 512gb ones in hong kong, they said they cant install as global version ROM on the phone yet. i don't fancy using G space etc, had enough issues with it on my huawei tablet, in the end I sold it
Wait for Mate 50 pro or please buy other phones which support Google Play if you are avid user of Google, I am not happy with my magic 4 Ultimate with alternate Google Play option


May 30, 2016
hello to those who have a magic 4 pro that can tell me about the battery, I feel that it is a bit tight and I would like to know how it lasts in daily use, to know if I expect it in my country, thanks


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Jun 19, 2012
Which version of gspace?

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Apr 4, 2014
Now the global edition will be out on the 27th here in the UK. Unfortunatly its only a 256gb. If I purchase a 512 or ultimate from hong kong, could the global ROM be installed on it ?

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