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Can you recover data from phone with shattered screen?

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New member
Jan 17, 2021
So I had mine shattered. Screen broken, battery snapped. Is it possible to recover data if I buy some cheap battery? If possible I wouldn't want to buy a screen for a phone that will be thrown out. I didn't had ADB debugging turned on. Is it possible?


New member
Jun 8, 2019
You could start the bootloader, then start via fastboot a twrp and transfer files via adb. But i don't know if you need to press any buttons in twrp to start adb. :(


Senior Member
Jun 23, 2020
Snapped the battery? Wtf? That's one hell of a impact or pocket crush🤣
Very possible you damaged the mobo too; game over.
Don't waste too much money on this. If plugging in the charger doesn't power it up you most likely damaged to mobo.

In the future be prepared or this will happen again.
Always backup your data to a PC and keep another backup of that so you don't lose everything.

Buy a phone with an SD card slot and use the card as a data drive. Store all critical data on the card and backup the card to PC as above.
Data lose is like motorcycle crashes; not a question of if it will happen... only when.