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Can you repair a broken screen with the same as you use to remove scratches?

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New member
Apr 12, 2011
Well, I lost my SGS2 on a hard floor yesterday. But it has only received one long gash on the screen and you can only see it if you just turn it toward a bright light. However, i can feel it on the screen. I think it's a lot to change the whole screen, when it's not worse than this. I remember in the old days, you could get something to put on the screen to remove scratches. My question is whether anyone has tried this, in this situation and know what it's called? It's a lot of money for to replace it with a new screen.

I hope you understand my terrible english,

Thanks in advance

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    It's almost the same as using a CD buffer on a disk. It doesn't hurt to try, In fact I would. It would probably feel a little smoother on the finger after it was applied, GoodLuck!

    P.S... Do a search on the web for Screen Scratch Remover