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General [CANADA] Galaxy S21 Ultra discussions, sw updates, everything related to the SM-G998W

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Jan 13, 2019
Bell doesn't provide release schedules AFAIK, but all the Canadian carriers seem to update at the same time.


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Oct 15, 2007
Funny, I just checked yesterday and cursed seeing no dates. You guys manage to systematically beat me to it 🤣
I hope for those like me still on A11 they are including all BUxx Oneui 4.0 fixes. I lost track how many patches they released in other regions.
They are saying that is Security update with December patch. I don't know if they are gonna have any fix. Let's hope that they have fixes in there


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Oct 15, 2007
Anyone got the update ?

Nvm I thought that it was 11th today
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Oct 15, 2007
Screenshot_20220110-230850_Software update.jpg
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Sep 19, 2011
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
Wtf...the latest one seems to be BULG...and we get BUKK after 2 months of delays and sw pulled? What in the name of actual fvck?

Wtf...the latest one seems to be BULG...and we get BUKK after 2 months of delays and sw pulled? What in the name of actual fvck?

What are you talking about


  • Screenshot_20220111-131635_Software update.jpg
    Screenshot_20220111-131635_Software update.jpg
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    According to TELUS, our next update will be on January 11.
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    Telus will update in May 18th
    I've been on Android 12 UI4 since a day before launch (work for a carrier here in Canada.)

    All is ok.

    I have identified these problems thus far:

    *Seems like the time from a lower charge to a full charge takes longer than 3.1 R30. A PD 65W Charger with the Samsung in box cable renders a full charge from dead in approx 1 hour 45 mins. The power bounces significantly between 1000mAh and 3100mAh, and in last 5% goes to around 500mah, no matter the battery setting or charge setting. All fast, super fast charge options engaged, adaptive battery on or off, we we have used probably 50 brand new USBC cables on multiple outlets, the behavior remains.
    *Expert RAW (new RAW camera for all 4 back lenses is extensively buggy and crashes a lot when processing shots with 3rd and 4th lenses.
    *GCAM BSG worked with the front camera although not raw, now it just crashes, same thing with all of the GCams.
    *Unable to access the Accessibility Menu in settings. We have discovered a way to get there via activity launcher, however the menu should work and it does not.
    *In the last 7 days, OneUI had used almost 6% of total battery usage.
    *Chrome Beta continues opening even when restricted, if left for extended period of time. I've forced it closed and shut and it has still consumed over 33%, of battery over L7D.
    *A developers here was able to activate a second eSIM (3rd live account) using software I'm not familiar with, and it shows up in the network menu. I'm not in key with this, so I don't want to give instructions that I don't know.
    *Boot time might be longer than before. This shouldn't happen considering this device has 16GB physical and 4GB pagesys RAM.
    *Device care and Galaxy booster don't affect the processing speed.
    *We haven't found any processing enhancements between "High" and "Maximum".
    *It's possible notifications aren't coming in timely, or at all.
    *The Google Home app went an entire week before updating so it didn't crash consistently on the Ultra after opening a speaker group.

    Not sure if I'm missing anything here or not, anyone having the same problems? I haven't even gotten into some of the major problems we had with Android Auto, e.g. launch, and immediately crash and reopen, random crashes, assistant hanging in full 5G area, and the double prompt when responding to the assistant. Eg driving, tell it to send a text, and it will say ok who, *DING DING* and repeat the double ding constantly after responding to anything. Not to mention if it produces incorrect verbatim when sending a message, it occasionally says read to send it and boom, without even a response, ok, it's sent.

    This can lead to extremely embarrassingly texts.

    Oh, we are experiencing a problem, when you connect to a Bluetooth earphones set, and for example are listening to a read aloud page on Google Chrome or word, whatever it is, when you disconnect the Bluetooth connection, suddenly a music service begins playing through the speaker. 😆

    Galaxy store shows black screen when searching apps as well.

    Anyone having any similar problems?
    I upgraded. Don't see any drawbacks so far. All apps seem to work, battery life is fine. If anything, it might be slightly better. System is snappy. Doesn't feel like a major update but doesn't feel like it broke anything. Gcam still works well. Haven't noticed any improvement with stock camera app.
    Woahh!! Is gcam able to access the 10x zoom lens??
    Yes...and the results are quite remarkable in my case. Definitely cleaner shots.