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Jan 25, 2012
March update doesn't fix the top padding issue that the February update screwed up. I hope Oreo fixes it.

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Jan 27, 2008
Edmonton, AB
Rogers confirming on their update page that Oreo is "coming soon" for the S7 Edge. Just updated today.


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Dec 13, 2010
Isn't there a way for us to update to Oreo without waiting for the carriers? Can anyone point me to that? Non-root.
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Jul 28, 2012
Rogers still has not updated their upgrade page though...wonder if they will release on the 11th or not.

From the Official Samsung notice post:

"Due to popular demand and interest and in an effort to minimize the confusion and frustration around software releases, we are working to provide the Samsung Members Community increased transparency and more direct visibility into timelines related to upgrades. We hope in doing so to minimize the number of repeated posts around software release schedules and reduce the number of posts the administrator removes. Please note that the release schedules include all Carrier versions sold in Canada. The software is release by Samsung and not by the Carriers contrary to some messages that have been posted and when it is released it is done so in batches across all carriers at the same time."

Samsung rolls out the updates. The carriers just validate the update to ensure their networks and applications will work. Once they signoff on the release, Sammy will send it. Rogers is just slacking on updating their page. It will be here Monday. Don't worry!


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Jan 27, 2008
Edmonton, AB
Yeah, Rogers just updated the page to the 11th as of today. Still don't think we will all get it on the 11th though. Guess we'll see.

I do think that I am going to get a Pixel 3 XL next time though. It's more than a year after the release of Android Oreo and we are JUST getting it now. Sick of waiting. Android P will be out soon and we are just getting an update to the last OS. Of course we won't see Android P on the S7 Edge anyway so time to move on after this.
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Mar 2, 2013
I'm wondering whether I should flash the Koodo CSC and update once Oreo comes out... They have VoLTE and WiFi Calling for S7 Edge by now right?

On Odin, do I flash everything or just CSC and AP? Thanks.

*Although a good idea on paper (may help battery life as well), I'm afraid of losing Samsung Pay... What are the likelihoods of that?
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Kuro Miku

Aug 22, 2014
Just got the update!

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Apr 16, 2016
Grande Prairie, AB
I just got the update (Telus) it did not go 100% problem free for me, however.

Initially I kept receiving "SecVideoEngineService has stopped." Over and over and over...

Happily, after a subsequent restart the problem went away.

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    A user on reddit found a way to change CSC for people with XAC without rooting. Just put in *#243203855# on the phone menu and it gives you the option to change to other carriers.
    Hey boys, is there a way to root our S7 edges without tripping knox? Or alternatively is there a way of unrooting if I ever needed to send the phone in to get fixed? :highfive::good:
    You guys gimp the security, speed, and reliability of your phone and encourage others to do the same; it's sickening. His question didn't even have anything to do with rooting.

    I've rooted phones for years but it doesn't feel nearly as necessary as it used to. Not to mention all of the problems that result from it: no Samsung pay, unencrypted internal storage, no Knox, slower boot time, random reboots, increased memory usage, and incompatible or poorly tested xposed modules can cause a myriad of bugs.

    The level of dillusion is insane in this community.

    No issues here. Samsung Pay is not even available in Canada yet, and I'm happy using my credit cards regardless.
    Boot time has not increased at all, memory usage is the same, don't care too much for knox.
    Please also note that Xposed isn't the only thing that can be done after rooting. Having the ability to remove system apps, and having access to root functions and folders is never a bad thing.

    Also, no one is forcing you to do it, so chill out.
    I'm sure when someone decides to root, they will end up doing some research on it, and they can decide for themselves if they want to do it or not... no one is holding a gun to their head lol.
    I'm happy with ClearPlex film protector from BestBuy stores. $29.99 + tax lifetime warranty. Anytime it peels off or it gets damaged you go back to the store with the receipt and they put a new one on. It does not cover from edge to edge. There is a 1-2 mm gap between the film and the edge end the ear piece and home button are only enclosed on three sides. The tech said that if the film would go more towards the curved sides it would peel off so they are aware about the limitations of edge screen and their product. After 1 month absolutely no problem. Install was great with no bubbles and no lint underneath. They have a machine that does it. It seems to be wet application and the screen is self healing. They have two flavors. On our device they apply the ULTRA one which it's been said to be HD. If feels just a little bit rubbery but way less than others. The touch sensitivity is great though.
    Give it a try.

    What are you guys using for screen protector, I know decent tempered glass is not possible and probably will not be for a long time but looking for a decent film. Don't care about the orange peal effect, I care more about the ease of bubble free installation

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    Lol. You literally had to draw me a picture ? Thanks bro. Much appreciated. So I have to go on that site. Outside of xda right. I signed up and the said someone would review my application. They must me screening for trolls or something.

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    Get roms from there. V11 is latest one.

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