Cannot get into fastboot

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Greetings smart people,

I just got this redmi9 from my brother. Phone is usable at the moment.

I want to:
1. Unlock bootloader
2. Flash Twrp + rom

My problem is i cant get the phone to enter fastboot mode (bootloader hasn't been unlocked yet). While the phone turned off, holding voldown + power button, will not go into fastboot, it will just reboot back to miui.

Is this softbricked or something?

Please and TQ.


Apr 27, 2022
Could be the key is broken.
Enable usb debugging and run command:
adb reboot-bootloader
Return to system:
fastboot reboot
I've had this happen on my xiaomi redmi note 4, and it was just a button issue, you should try this suggestion, because I managed to log in this way.