Cannot Install Custom Rom Xperia Z for T-Mobile (C606)

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Mar 19, 2010

I have been trying all day to install a custom rom on my Xperia Z for T-Mobile. I have succeeded in rooting it and installing the recovery, but it looks like the bootloader needs to be unlocked. I have followed this guide and have rooted and installed the recovery but when I install a custom rom, such as paranoid android lollipop, it gives me an error and I cannot reboot into a rom so I have to run the Sony PC Companion tool and repair the device. I now have a completely stock Xperia Z and wanted to know the best way to install a custom recovery and flash a rom. I have tried unlocking the bootloader but it says bootloader unlockable no when I dial service, even after installing root and recovery. I have tried anyways and it says operation not permitted when I try to cmd the unlock code into fastboot. I was hoping someone could help me and guide me on how to fix these issues and finally install a custom rom.



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Jul 9, 2010
T-mobile Z bootloader cannot be unlocked, therefore you cannot flash custom kernel, therefore you cannot flash a ROM that uses anything other than stock kernel. Look for the "LB" tag in the ROM title, these are for phones with (L)ocked(B)ootloaders, and should be STOCK based ROM's.

Just make sure you follow proper procedures when upgrading to different versions of Android.