Cannot relock bootloader with Tool-all-in-one on ROG Phone 3

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Apr 11, 2021

despite presumably doing everything correctly, Tool spews this error when I'm trying to relock the BL by using "fastboot oem asus-lock" command:

FAILED (remote: 'Command not supported in default implementation')

1. I have connected the phone to the side port.
2. Tool folder is directly in C:\ directory.
3. ADB binaries are installed correctly.
4. Phone is in fastboot mode and detected, but the tool cannot detect correctly which phone it is and asks me to choose the model manually, but ROG 3 is not on the list, so I chose ROG Phone 2. Does it matter? If so, what do I do? I also set priviledges for Tool-all-in-one systemwide, does it matter?

Also, should I use the command line in Advanced Options of the tool, or should I rightclick the folder and summon the command line from there? Please help, I don't have any more ideas! Thank you!


Apr 11, 2021
Thank you for fast response!

I'm constantly using the sideport, and the command still fails with the message above.

What I can add is that EVERY fastboot process fails with the SAME message, so it's not just relocking that is the problem, but it seems that every fastboot command cannot be executed on my ROG Phone 3 (aside from fastboot devices, which correctly shows my device as connected).

Which suggests to me that something is wrong with my setup. Anybody has any idea?


  • Sep 28, 2020
    When I try to relock my rog phone 3 I do the list devices command and it shows my device, I then reboot into fastboot
    and type command fastboot oem asus-lock and all it says is <waiting for device> how can I relock bootloader???????? If there was an apk to unlock it shouldnt there be an apk to relock it?
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