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Cannot Unlock XT1952-3 (Verizon, network unlocked)?

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Jan 4, 2015
I purchased a Moto G7 Play XT1952-3 (Verizon, network unlocked) from Ebay in order to install LineageOS 18.1 on it. This is one of the supported models, according to the Lineage OS documentation. I went to unlock the bootloader, and that involves contacting Motorola and getting a code from them. According to their online unlock tool, my phone is "blocked" and not eligible for bootloader unlock.

I'm so sick of this ****.

I did my research, and bought the correct phone. Can't be unlocked.

I'll probably be able to just return it, but does anyone have a workaround for this problem?


New member
Oct 17, 2017
Same happened to me. Found out Verizon phones cannot have their bootloader
unlocked. I sent it back and purchased a XT1952-4. No problem unlocking the -4.