Can't access Android 13 android>data folder

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Jul 3, 2016
Good day, Folks! I badly need help with this google feature that I can't access android>data folder in internal storage. I tried many file managers but it couldn't move though. Any best solution for this one? I don't want to root my device.


Max From Viet Nam

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May 29, 2023
Can anyone else confirm if Mixplorer let's you read and write in the Android/data folder in Android 13? I have a pixel 6 and I've tried a few file managers and they let me go in the data folder and when I select the folder I want to open it lets me select choose to give this folder access at the bottom for all the folders I go in. The same cannot be said for my Samsung s21. it won't allow me to give access to any folder in the data directory. I was just trying to get some info before I purchase Mixplorer. I'll most likely buy it either way because I've read nothing but good things about it. any feedback will help. thanks

EDIT: I went ahead and purchased Mixplorer and I can access the Android data folders and everything just fine. I can edit files and move them as well on my Galaxy s21. it's a really beautiful UI and the app is really nice. I planned on purchasing it either way. Big ups to the dev.
Hi, When access to Android/data/.../file. it usually have files in there, is it show? because i'm using fv file manager.
Can access to folder but files doesn't show to edit

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