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Can't boot into TWRP

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Apr 25, 2014
OnePlus 6T
I just got a LG G3 from a friend of mine and the first thing I did ,was to try the new 7.0 rom (experimental)
I rooted the phone ,flashed TWRP,flashed the ROM but i didnt like it with all the bugs so i decided to wipe the rom and flash a stable version of CM /
So I wiped the old Rom and flashed 12.1 now after i did that my phone went into a bootloop and i cant get it to boot in anyway !

here is a video of what happening :
youtube.xxx /watch?v=7xu_cZzOyLE -----(xxx=com)

can someone please give me some help here ?

roirraW "edor" ehT

Recognized Contributor
May 8, 2010
Columbus, OH
I tried to do what you said but my phones doesnt go into TWRP or into Download mode it;s just boot looping
My phone is the D855 4G LTE unlocked version (i dont know if that makes any difference)
Well, it makes some difference as any specifics given here will be regarding the Verizon variant. You should ask about this in the non-Verizon Q&A G3 section and mention which variant you have there so that you get only the answers that will work on your phone.