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Question cant clone my old phone to mi 11 pro

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Senior Member
Apr 20, 2015
hi ,
im trying over and over with a few apps:clone it , smart switch , mi mover , any apps and i just cant copy my old phone (huawei mate 10 pro) to my new one mi 11 pro . i tried with doing nothing , just giving the 2 phones to integrate on the same wifi net , i tried with hot spot leading by the old phone and i saw that the both phones are connected together , but nothing . i tried with note 8 , to copy from the huawei to note 8 and i succeed in it , but with the mi 11 pro ? no !!! what is the reasson? whats stops the 2 phones to be comunicate and transfer the whole files and sms etc.


Senior Member
Jun 23, 2020
What are trying to "clone"?
SmartSwitch isn't that smart especially between different OS's/devices.
Try to get SmartSwitch to copy just the SMS files, then phone contacts separately.
Create backup files on the old device (which you should have started doing long ago*) then transfer files manually.

*All critical data I need for a full reload is on my SD card which is then redundantly backed up.
Plan ahead, have a plan or you'll have a mess or worse, lost data.


Senior Member
Aug 24, 2013
Worst case scenario , copy everything into a laptop folder from the old phone and transfer it to the new phone via USB cable

Your folders structure will still be intact when you reinstall most apps that have media folders, images, documents , videos etc

A lot of apps don't like being cloned thesedays and won't work properly anyway unless you reinstall them from the playstore