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Can't enable Developer Mode on new Chromecast with Google TV

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Senior Member
May 14, 2013
Just got my second CC w/Google TV, and I'm stunned to find that for some reason, I can't enable Developer Mode. Going to System > About and hitting Android TV OS Build seven or even seven hundred times does nothing. Which means I can't enable the installation of third party apps and a bunch of other things.

Interestingly, the Android TV OS Build on the newer CC w/Google TV is different/apparently newer than the one on my first CC w/Google TV. See pics below—the launch/first one has QTS1.210311.008.7350836, while the new one has QTS1.210311.017.A2.7686849. (What's that "A2" all about?) In any event, the first one says the system is up to date. 🤔

original CCWGTV.jpg
second CCWGTV.jpg