Can't flash GAPPs on x86 intel device.

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Feb 21, 2020
Hi, I have an older lenovo tablet. There was windows 10 installed when I got it but it was very slow, so I decided to go with android - Bliss OS ROM. The ROM works perfectly there are no problems with it, but there are no gapps. There is MicroG but I could not get it working. The root is SuperSU. I already googled this but every tutorial/forum suggested to do this through recovery or flashify, or something similiar. But I don't have any recovery as there is classic bios and I could not get Flashify working. I also tried Magisk modules, but those did not work as well. I managed to flash Magisk manually through the official magisk x86 guide(can't post link) and it actually worked. So I started to wonder if there is not a similliar way to manually flash Gapps. I do not know what to do anymore so I turned to this forum.

Thank you very much. Will edit if this gets solved.