Can't play any sound or record any audio 'cause it says it's already in use by app

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Apr 15, 2012
São Paulo
Hello my dear friends. My Poco F1 fell to the ground and since then, it never was the same.

When I try to record an audio, the phone says that another app is already using it. So it doesn't record anything. No audio is played on my phone anymore, when I go to the ringtones and click on the rings to hear them, it says ERROR in the screen as a toast message.

I've thought it was a Faulty USB board, then I bought another one (well the microphone is located in there). But no success, changed the board and nothing happened. I've put back the original USB board and booted the phone, tried to plug and unplug headphone and it suddenly started playing sound again on speaker. And then I could record audio on the recorder app again, but not straight, I had to click on record (no spectrum change), pause and resume recording and then the microphone would start working.

Just checked the MB cable that links MotherBoard to the USB board on the bottom and it looks flawless, just tested continuity on every pin with multimeter and all traces are OK, so it's not the issue. Also I just went to the headphones and audio effects under additional configs and it crashes, I'm guessing this is an issue with the Headphone Jack port.

I find this really issue odd and don't know how to fix it, i'm out of ideas. Please does anyone have any other ideas of what could be causing this problem?


Some pictures to better illustrate the problem:


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Jan 9, 2014
This happened once to me because "ok google" hotword detection was hogging the mic so maybe double check that it isn't some software bug, go into permissions and turn microphone off for everything etc.