Can't save in internal storage please Help!!

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Jan 25, 2018
i am using lineage os 14.1 , root enabled on MOTO E XT1022
apps like whatsapp and browser are unable to store anything in internal storage. making sdcard as an internal storage is not working either. in file explorer it is showing 1.2 gb free instead of 7 gb ( my memory card is 8 gb). play store is working fine i am able to download and use apps.
there is only one folder in internal storage and that is "Android" .
this is how it happened :-

yesterday i was downloading a video from fb messenger when suddenly my mobile hanged. i rebooted the phone. then i found that my RAM memory is completely used as it was showing 0B left. and apps like gallery, file explorer, browser were not working and were causing the phone to restart.

so i tried the following :

i opened TWRP and wiped the system,data,dalvik cache, microsd card,internal
i wanted to format the sdcard and internal data too thats why i choose them too
after wiping them
i reinstalled the Lineage OS 14.1 , installed Gapps and rooted it
after rebooting it. i picked the option to use sd card as internal storage.
thats when i noticed that i am unable to save in internal storage .
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