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Can't seem to patch stock rom using magisk v23, do I have the right file? What am I doing wrong?

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New member
Jun 13, 2021
I'm new to rooting and I'm trying to root a Pixel 3a XL I've just inherited. Following steps from a tutorial, I've unlocked the bootloader and installed Magisk v23.0 on the phone, and I copied on the internal storage all the files from the zip file I downloaded from Google that are supposed to be the stock ROM for my build #. There are 2 .img files in there: bootloader-bonito-b4s4-0.3-7062600.img and radio-bonito-g670-00105-210113-b-7078968.img (there are a few scripts and another zip file in there too). The first one seems to be the boot file (Ramdisk is YES in Magisk), but when I try patching it (Magisk Install > Select and Patch a File > I choose the file via my file manager), I get the following error messages: 'Unsupported/Unknown image format' 'Installation failed'. The same thing happens if I try the other image file.

I obviously don't want to trial and error too much patching a rom that I'm going to flash my phone with. Any idea what I'm doing wrong there? Thank you!

EDIT: I had also done a checksum of the archive I downloaded from Google and it all lined up, so that shouldn't be the issue.

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    you need to patch the kernel. inside the zip is a second zip. in there is a file boot.img. that is the kernel. extract and copy it to your phone, then you can patch it, copy it back to your fastboot capable machine, and flash

    ei: boot.img within a .zip within a .zip
    It worked, thank you so much!