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Can't Use 'My Map Editor' on JF 1.41 ADP1.1

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Senior Member
Jan 26, 2009
Hey guys,

As said in the topic I'm running the new JF 1.41 on ADP1.1 and everything seems to be fine except for the My Maps Editor App which I actually use :(.

So here is the deal when I try to run it, the app stays open for about 3 seconds after I first run it and then drops out, no force close error. If I try to relaunch it drop out even faster and it goes back to the pull out menu with the icon highlighted like I didn't just open the app.

I've tried rebooting my phone and re-installing the app, I'm wondering if a reflash or if (and I'd really rather not but if it can't be avoided I will) a wipe and reflash might help?

I have no themes, no fancy configuration to run apps or cache from the memory card all I've got is the JF release and the apps installed. I had not even installed the Droidsans tweak tool yet.

I'm new to the homebrew scene so be gentle.


Feb 9, 2009
yep. same here. not noticed that before:)

ADP1.1h JF1.43.

seems to be universal. Might be down to a connection issue. could google be doing something to check for original versions of the android core?