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Capture OTA without Root


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Jan 19, 2013
Seems i have found a way to capture OTA without need to root for sharing with other people. If any step seems wrong one can correct me. @S0bes and @MarckozZ can take a look if its relevant or not doing so :) Since i find you guys know more into this.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any brick. Shared this just for your information. You may try at your own risk.

As soon as one receives OTA notification.
1. Connect your phone with your PC and Take adb logcat > log.txt

2. Tap "Download" button on your phone to initiate download of update.

3. Press Ctrl+C to stop logcat. Now, look into log.txt file for the URL. Press Ctrl+F and look for keywords like URL. A line will appear something like "http://android.clients.google.com.........546.zip". Now this filename need not be the system_version name Eg: Blur_version.xxx.zip. It may appear as some unknownfilename Eg: 9851455bbsfdxxxxxxxxx.zip

4. Now this URL can be shared to users for downloading the official OTA manually. User can then download OTA via shared URL on their PC and place in their adb folder.

5. Reboot into Stock recovery and select option "Appy update from ADB".

6. Now, from PC do "adb sideload OTAfilename.zip". Where OTAfilename is the name of the OTA file that you downloaded.

This should install the OTA on your phone. Once you see Install from ADB is complete , proceed to reboot.

References: Droid-life and 9to5google

Install Motorola Drivers and Setup ADB . You may Download Motorola drivers and adb tools from this thread. Extract Adb-tools_treibier.zip and get ready for above steps.
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Apr 21, 2011
I think you will need to disconnect the phone before opening that log file..
if not logcat might still want to throw contents in it continuously..
Also it will be good to include a link to guide to setup of adb for Moto G to avoid users coming with any queries related with it.
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