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[Captured OTA]Nougat OTA for Moto G4 Plus - XT1643 India

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Feb 12, 2014


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Jul 19, 2016
You have XT1622 right ?

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Nope, I have Moto G4 Plus retail from Europe (Spain), XT1642

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The file size is smaller than the file named identical from other source. This one is 750648 kB, the other one is 867448 kB.
The name suggest this is the older SOAK:

****... It's right...

Someone have tried?
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Apr 10, 2011
I am not putting SOAK on my phone, sorry.
The previous SOAK (name identical, larger size) was reporting a lower build number:


It's just curious that it has the same filename even if is obviously a different file.
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Nov 17, 2013
Simple question: has anyone sideloaded it over soak test NPJ 25.75-2?
Coz I don't wanna downgrade right now. So is it ok if I side load it over soak?


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Jul 19, 2016
Not working.

E3005: "/modem/image/modem.b00" has unexpected contents.

Status 7.

FIXED: I messed up with older modem images :p
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Aug 25, 2014
It will works only for MPJ24.139-63 and MPJ24.139-63, so you have to downgrade if you're on previous soak.

So, it will work by flashing stock mpj24.139-63 only or I have to relock Boot loader again by flashing stock mm.
I'm in confusion. Also Please suggest that should I flash gpt and bootloader during downgrade operation or flash everything except these two.

My phone is xt1643 2/16 GB. running cm 14.1

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    Hi All - I have managed to capture the OTA Zip file for MotoG4 Plus India edition (XT1643)

    I have been running in this version for last two days and haven't faced any issues.

    Guess Moto/ Lenovo has done a good job here.

    OTA Link:


    Abou nougat security and root ( found in a website)

    When Nougat boots, it checks to see if anything in the system partition has been tampered with. Google calls this Verified Boot and it's something they also use on Chromebooks and OnHub routers. We also knew it was coming, along with a handful of other big changes on the security front. The short version of how it works — the system partitions (this is tied in tightly with Seamless Updates and Direct Boot) are verified and given a hash file. Any changes to the partition will change the crypto hash. When you boot the phone up, this hash is checked against the known "right" value, and if they don't match your phone won't boot. The public crypto key is stored on the boot partition and when the people who made your phone want to update (which changes the hash file) they have to verify things with their own private key to change the software. This will create a new hash file and the phone can boot. These changes also include the ramdisk (which is where systemless root worked) so modifying it is out of the picture, too. And yes, this is the short version.

    Fastboot for life

    What this means is new hardware designed for Android 7.0 isn't going to boot if we try to change any files to give us root. If we change even one bit on either system partition or the ramdisk it will fail the verified boot check. There are no known root methods that will ever work with this system. Period. Very smart people will try, and if somehow they find a way Google will patch it within 30 days. And this is not an accident.

    Google is always trying to beef up the security in Android. They do a pretty good job and Android, as it comes directly from the source code, is really secure. But since anyone can change any of it to their liking, much of that gets undone. One of the things this change does is fix things so that no matter what you download or what it tries to do, if it tries to inject anything that gives it elevated permissions your phone won't start up. I love that idea, and you should, too.

    Every phone that's sold should be damn near impossible to root without custom firmware.

    This means that those drive-by root exploits — both the intentional ones as well as the malware ones — all stop working if the people who made your phone update it to 7.0 or you buy a new one with Nougat installed. That means everyone who just bought their phone to chat with friends, pay for stuff at Walgreens, or even clash against other clans or catch 'em all have a lot less to worry about. The factory software (and this is the important part) is secure.

    The rest of us who like to root and do "stuff" can't do it while running the factory software, but we can still do it. With a new boot image, things can be altered so we can do whatever we want to do. Everything needed to create the Android boot image is open source and builds with no changes and little effort.
    Sir many users reported that update not working over previous soak :(
    Plz help

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    You will need either of these roms.

    Package expects build thumbprint of 7.0/NPJ25.93-11/12:user/release-keys or 6.0.1/MPJ24.139-63/64:user/release-keys

    Obviously the previous soak test was released had build thumbprint of 7.0/NPJ25.75-2/1:user/release-keys which means there was another soak test with build thumbprint of 7.0/NPJ25.93-11/12:user/release-keys which we didn't get.

    So we need to flash 6.0.1/MPJ24.139-63/64 Marshmallow rom for the update to get thru.

    Hope it makes sense.
    @vache - Do you know the numbering system of the moto OTA? Is this another soak or the real deal? Why the file is called the same as previous soak?

    No ideas :/

    Made a boot/system TWRP backup :