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Feb 11, 2022
Where, exactly, does the weather info in Car Launcher Pro come from? I mean, how does know that it's raining, or cloudy, etc.?


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Nov 30, 2010
Has anyone else had issues with Google maps not loading properly in the map widget while driving?
The map seems to load when zoomed all the way in (car stopped) however once I start driving it zoomes out to a low resolution version without any traffic info. If I then swype the map it loads in high resolution with traffic overlay. It also loads one I come to a stop & the map zoomes all the way in.

It's like the map only loads data when swyping around with the touch screen but not while driving where the map is following GPS position.

Any ideas on what could be causing this?


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Aug 24, 2008
Are you on the beta version? I subscribed to the beta version and found I could save to both internal storage and Dropbox after that.

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    Not possible to deactivate speed in Statusbar and on main screen.
    Stupid information on unit screen in a car for me.
    Looking on the cars display for this.

    Getapped and getalked with 6603

    Go into app settings and disable notifications. That removed the statusbar speed.
    Main screen, use a different layout.
    All of the three offered screens containing speed.
    Not good for me.

    Getapped and getalked with 6603

    Versus the main instruments?

    Which btw can be up to 10% inaccurate, or even more if some muppet has fitted a wrong wheel and tyre setup.

    In these days of excessive speed cameras that gps fed speed display is vastly more accurate than your vehicle and is a highly valuable feature.
    I solved the Spotify problem.

    "In Spotify settings you need to enable to send information via broadcast."
    Has anyone seen this before or more importantly tried it on these head units?
    Looks really good
    I have decided to go with Car launcher app, for me is the most stable and customizable in the market; here is my latest work, edited from free Theme1:

    I can give you only some instructions, because it is a theme transformation and can not be loaded - depend from one device to another;
    So: the background is from internet, with a little photoshop; the 3d icons I' ve made also with a graphic program, and I also changed some fonts with an editor, and place them on the app. I can acces android auto, and the music player (MUSICOLET) will start from where you left; the phone app is DRUPE.
    About how to change the items in theme (Theme 1 in this case) there are some youtube posts, but I can guide you to if needed.