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CarPlay AI Box - "Android headunit" dongle?

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May 27, 2021


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Jul 15, 2021
Has anyone tried to install a custom launcher on the CP600 Android 9 box and the carplay app is not working use the custom launcher but is able to run smoothly on default launcher.
It seems like the bluetooth is unable to connect on the custom launcher. The custom launcher that I am using is Car Launcher (Free)
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Dec 24, 2015
Has anyone tried to install a custom launcher on the CP600 Android 9 box and the carplay app is not working use the custom launcher but is able to run smoothly on default launcher.
It seems like the bluetooth is unable to connect on the custom launcher. The custom launcher that I am using is Car Launcher (Free)
yes, this has been normal. seems wifi, bluetooth may be linked to launcher.


Feb 20, 2021
Since some users don't like the floating buttons of the standard launcher (CP600 device) and I haven't found a solution, I have now put my hands on it and removed it.

I thought I'd share my file with the community.

But first a little disclaimer:

This is just a test. Please always make Backups! It works on my device, but I can't tell if it works on others. The base file is from the rooted firmware MIUOS1.0_010_288_2021053119, which I prefer and can confirm as working.

I am not responsible for any damage. Since it's a system app, the file can damage the device. Install it at your own risk.

Please remember to install a custom NavBar App, such as "Navigation Bar" from the PlayStore beforehand, otherwise navigation will no longer be possible.

In addition, a second launcher should be installed to be on the safe side so that it can be used if you have any problems with the default launcher.

!!! Attention, the installation requires root and the APK can't be installed as a normal app. It has to run as a system app !!!


1. Install any File Explorer with Root-Access from the Google PlayStore, e.g. "Root Explorer"
2. Open app and make /system/app writable
3. Navigate to /system/app/MiuDrive
4. Create a Backup of your original MiuDrive.apk file
5. Download the changed MiuDrive.apk
6. Copy the new MiuDrive.apk to /system/app/MiuDrive and overwrite the existing file
7. Restart the device

Now the floating buttons should no longer be visible.

Hope it's helpful for someone..
Can you share your source code for MiuDrive?


Feb 24, 2021
Hi all,
after 2 months I can say that the MMB Carplay with Android 7 is really really SLOW!!! Are there alternatives, that can use also the internal car gps antenna?


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Aug 16, 2021

I'm a newbie looking to experiment with this stuff.

I want to try and make my own CarPlay AI Box.

If anyone can help me that would be much appreciated, can anyone give me a description/a link or a list of what and where I can buy a blank box from so that I can have a go at programming it my own.

Any help/advise would be very much appreciated :)


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Nov 8, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Hi , can someone help with the .img file. I can’t find it
I have tried to locate the reset button but unfortunately I snapped it off.
Any idea how to factory-reset without using that Reset Button ?

You have to open the device and shorten the contacts on the board where the button is soldered.


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Nov 8, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2


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Aug 27, 2021


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    UX999 looks very good on my 2019 Toyota RAV4
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    Hi I have this version of AI box

    There is also rebranded version from Joyeauto with 4GB RAM, generally it is the same product:

    Joyeauto provides also download section for this device, where is a new ROM:


    Is there anybody who can make custom rooted firmware?

    Btw. It can be plugged to any Android phone/ tablet via Carlinkit Wried CarPlay Smart Link Dongle for Android https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33038683679.html

    It works like in the car, it is good for playing with and installing in home.

    Bluetooth is blocked only for phone connection. I plugged cheap BT dongle to the USB port of the AI box and now I can connect anything including of OBD2.

    What is annoying is autohiding on-screen navigation panel. It would be better make the always visible navigation bar and all apks opening resized in the rest of the screen.

    Generally it is pretty interesting and good working device.
    I have been looking at this as well. I'm going to order one as soon as my wife will let me probably a month or two from now.

    To my knowledge nobody else seems to be utilizing car play as a generic display output with touch screen support.

    I can't wait to get a hold of one of these and dump the firmware, if we can replicate how they interface, perhaps we can replicate it In software.

    Imagine Apple car play as a primary display, as an installable magisk module.
    That would solve the issues of Android crippling secondary displays for DRM. It would also hola many car units to be repurposed closer to their users need. But also help to minimize e-waste and unnecessary wasteful economic activity. Too much hardware goes to landfills because of lack of standardized interfaces for DIY upgrades.

    so long as no money is being made it's all good. Intellectual property is an artifact of commerce,
    It has no ethical relevance in non-commercial endeavors
    ladies and gentlemen. the new carplay box has been released.
    it is a beast! holy moly, thoae chinese went all in on this box.

    It looks a little bit bigger than CP boxes, but still can be hidden somewhere in the car. Would you please measure dimensions? Seller has incorrect info about this (10.8 x 8.9 x 10.4 cm), it does not look 8.9 cm thick.

    Would you confirm that it needs only OTG-USB cable connected to cars’ Carplay port to work? No extra power cable nedded? Does it take GPS and MIC signal from the car or do you need to plug extra devices? Because I see all those accessories at the seller’s page…

    What about Bluetooth settings? Can the phone and OBD2 be connected? What is the quality of calls?

    Is there some car buttons mapper apk installed? Which car buttons works and does not works for you?
    1. See the below picture. It would be correct.

    2.It works only otg-usb. Not necessary any cable to working.

    3.it takes car original gps and mic signal. You don't need to plug extra devices.

    4. You can connect Bluetooth devices. But I don't use phone connection so I don't know the quality of calls

    5. The car buttons work properly maybe.

    I just received few hours ago. I am still working for my family. If you ask more detail(such as video upload), I can solve your questions.

    I used cp600, px6 all of ai box. But this new box is the best for now.