Question Case for Tab S8+ that allows low angle like Tab S6 book cover

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Jul 6, 2010
I went from a Tab S6 to a Tab S8-plus to get the larger size. I really like the Samsung Book Cover on the S6, but the book cover on the S8+ is not the same. I want a case that lets me display the tablet in two positions. The usual landscape stand-up position is good for watching videos or just sitting at a desk. Also, I like to be able to lay the tablet on my desk and write on it, but laying it flat like a piece of paper often creates a glare.

If you tilt it up at about a 20-30 degree angle, you can write comfortably and see it more clearly. The S6 book cover let you do that by folding the front cover back into a triangle shape. All the cases I am finding only allow you to stand the tablet up, not lay it at a low angle. Even Samsung's own book cover has a solid front flap that will not bend into the same triangle shape as the S6 cover.

The other thing I like about the S6 cover is that it gives you a bit more to hold onto when you just sit with the tablet in your lap. If you fold over the cover into that triangle as if you were were going to lay it on a desk, you can grip that in one hand. When the front case just folds all the way around flat, like an old spiral notebook folded around on itself, then you have very little to hold onto. The extra weight of the larger tablet makes it more cumbersome.

Anyhow - any suggestions for a case that will do a low-angle tilt on a desk?