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May 19, 2011
UAG has the plasma series in stock for both.
Ordered the pro version a couple days ago. Hasn't shipped yet though.

I ordered the Blindbox in Germany so I got delivered the sandstone and sandstone case additionally. They are quite hard and not really flimsy. However it's true, camera protection is barely there and I don't think those cases will protect from a drop really good. Also, I want to rock a transparent case with this beautiful blue color. The included one looks and feels really good but is way to soft at the sides, this is even lesser protection than the others cases.

Currently I am using the sandstone case as it gives me way better grip than the carbon one.

I have ordered this case. Let's see how it handles once it gets here:


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Jan 3, 2010
St. Louis

I drop my phones about once per year so I need a case to protect my phones but a simple bumper case is not enough with these curved displays and depending on how the phone lands, screen might shatter even with a good The cover cases also prevent damage from typical day to day usage.

I have seen some really good implementation of always on displays with smart cover cases, especially from Samsung.

I cannot recommend the case I linked, I don't have it yet and I do not expect much from the case, it just happens to be one for sale now, I think beat cases typically don't get released this early. If anyone sees a good cover case, please post here, also if you see always on screen mods for the phone.


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Apr 8, 2013
I've ordered 1 of these for the missus.
I will wait for Spigen or Ringke cases etc


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Apr 8, 2013
You probably wont get it for a long while unless you paid through the roof for DHL or UPS!
Im gonna have to take extra care and not drop it until I can get a cheap case from amazon while I wait for Spigen or Rhinoshield.
I used ali express. My screen protectors should be here by the last week of april while I wait for whitestone to sort theres out. I'll just use the case in the ox while I wait aswell

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    I emailed Spigen

    Thank you for your email.

    I have looked into your inquiry, and it looks like the first couple of images on the listing are incorrect.

    We appreciate you catching this error and bring it to our attention.

    We have notified our listing team, and they are currently working on fixing the error.

    The OnePlus 8 Pro Case Liquid Air's cutouts will match the 4th picture on the listing, which I have attached to this email for your convenience.

    They kindly game me a 10% voucher for letting them know.
    Any pic of the front on the phone with the case on?

    Sent from my IN2023 using Tapatalk

    See the attached images. The full back does not show the color accurately. It's more dull and muted like the angled photo. But I will admit, it feels really good and sturdy when I hold it. The back is a hard case and the rest is silicon with slightly beefier corners. Overall, it still maintains the slim profile, which I love. My only issue with it is that it dulls the beautiful blue color too much.

    If you or anyone else can find the clear equivalent of this, please post the link. I've been messaging the sellers on ebay and amazon asking if there is a clear one and they only respond back with "This is translucent"...:mad:
    I received my Spigen Liquid Air in the UK yesterday from Amazon. Noticed it was back in the listings earlier in the week.

    Very happy with it, same quality and fit as the one I had on my Note 9.

    Screen Protector friendly too. Fitted the Yocktec Hydrogel protector last weekend, also from Amazon UK, and it's really good. Bit of patience and time to fit properly, but lovely finish.
    I hate when I do stupid crap!
    I ordered my 8 Pro last week and received it Friday. It's beautiful and speedy as hell and, so far, I love it!
    I ordered direct from Oneplus and had decided I would live with the clear case included plus a cheap case I purchased from Ali (that'll probably have a bad cutout).
    I love the Rhinoshield crashguard bumpers and will get one, but they might not be available for 2 months? The case from Ali might take another month too.
    I should have ordered the sandstone bumper case from oneplus when I ordered the phone and I would have gotten a small discount plus I would have saved on shipping fees.
    Since I have no self control or patience I found myself ordering the sandstone bumper late last night for full freight and I paid $9.99 for priority shipping. Regular shipping was $6.99 but then I'd have to wait an extra 4 days minimum and as I said I HAVE NO PATIENCE!
    I hope it's nice because I paid $38 for a case that's probably worth $10. Lmao!!

    I also bought the OnePlus Sandstone it's nice but expensive, however it's just temporary until I order my Lew Later case which I very much enjoy....:cowboy:
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