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Accessories Cases with hinge protection when closed ?

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Jul 9, 2008
Nice find. How bulky is it? I ended up with a ringki case in the end without hinge protection because the araree was just too bulky for my tastes. This looks like a good compromise!

I cannot feel any extra bulk or weight to be honest.

But do shop around for the best price. The aliexpress link above seems to be a very good price if you don't mind to waiting for more than a few weeks delivery.

It comes highly recommend!
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Feb 17, 2010
I have what looks to be an un-branded version of the Araree Nukin 360 that will be arriving in the mail in 10 hours or so. If anyone is still curious about it I can let you know how it is. Was $14 on Ebay, shipped. If its decent it will be replacing my Samsung "leather" case with zero hinge protection..

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    What i found so far:

    Spigen Tough Armor
    UAG Civilian
    VRS Active
    Araree Aero Flex
    Araree Nukin 360
    Goospery ZFLP3
    Mercury Fard (same as Goospery)

    I returned Tough Armor as i find it's too bulky for me... will give Araree and Goospery a try
    Found this today, interesting new technique to protect the hinge:

    But my aeroflex still works well
    Whatever you do, stay away from that Samsung clear case with the ring. First case in my life that I had to read the user guide and search YouTube on how to install on phone.
    Two pieces of plastic, that hold the ring, has to fit perfectly between the case and the phone. If they are not align properly, the case will not fit the phone. And it's almost impossible to align that s**t. It has no adhesive to keep it in place.
    Anyone here tried both the Araree Aero Flex and the Spigen Tough Armour?

    I'm looking for a decently grippy case with a hinge protector, and these two seem the best out there right now, but I'm curious which one is the thinner / lighterweight option (or if they're both basically the same)
    i had both but not at the same time and use the aero flex for now... i ordered the tough armor first and decided to return it because of the overall bulkier look although you have a better protection of the front screen with that case. If i remember correctly there were not much differences in grip and weight between the two cases. Tough armor has adhesive tape inside while aero flex just snaps on the phone tightly... I went for the aero flex because of the thinner look.
    I bought an Araree AERO Flex for my Flip 3 and it works fine. It was available on Amazon but became unavailable shortly after I got mine. It is not bulky and has hinge protection. Feels good in hand too. This case does not require any adhesive tape or pad. It just snaps onto the phone securely.
    Just check Amazon from time to time and it could be available again. Maybe it is out of stock due to popularity.