Question Cellular signal drops after December OTA update

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May 14, 2020
I've not tried. How do I know which download I need? I'm in the UK

you get the radio from previous build...

for me I'm in the U.S I use this build

12.0.0 (SD1A.210817.037, Nov 2021

yours might be

12.0.0 (SD1A.210817.036, Nov 2021)

I am not 100% sure...but you can try both, if one doesnt work try the other....Flash at your own risk...


Jan 3, 2022
you get the radio from previous build...

for me I'm in the U.S I use this build

12.0.0 (SD1A.210817.037, Nov 2021

yours might be

12.0.0 (SD1A.210817.036, Nov 2021)

I am not 100% sure...but you can try both, if one doesnt work try the other....Flash at your own risk...
I think my bootloader is locked? Says device locked when I boot the phone into fastboot?


Jan 3, 2022
How do I unlock the bootloader as even if I try to roll back to the previous update when booting into fast boot it says device locked and I can't get any further
Fixes for Januard Update.
Does Google really address this Problem?


  • Fix for issue causing screen to unlock after missed call when no screen lock is set.
Network & Telephony

  • General fixes & improvements for network
  • Fix for issue preventing emergency calls in certain conditions while some third-party apps are installed.

  • Fix for issue preventing Pixel Stand setup to start after updating apps in certain conditions.

  • Fix for issue causing incorrect data usage accounting in Network menu on some networks.
User Interface

  • Fix for issue causing a black frame to appear when dismissing the Assistant overlay on the lock screen.
  • Fix for issue causing memory leak in system UI under certain conditions.
  • Fix for issue causing navigation bar to be hidden when switching device orientation in certain conditions.
  • Fix for issue causing PIP window to render incorrectly for certain apps.

  • Fix for issue causing Wi-Fi network to drop connection in certain conditions.


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Aug 27, 2013
Well the good news, were are not missing a critical updates this time around. Just a bunch labeled high. I still don't understand why they couldn't just give us a security patch and leave the radio untouched.


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Apr 15, 2012
Nokia 7.2
Google Pixel 6
The December update has been withdrawn by Google.
You can rollback to the November version.
For this you first have to enable "OEM unlocking" in the develeper options, after which you can perform the actions in the bootloader to flash the factory image, which can be found here:
Don't forget to make a backup first, after flashing a factory image you get a factory reset.


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Jul 25, 2009
I don't think that the modem in pixel 6 is so bad. After all same modem was used in the exynos versions of Samsung galaxy s20 series. Main problem most probably is that google need time to properly support anything different than qualcomm with which they worked till now. I hope that with january update they will manage to fix the problems.

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    I guess if the world was going to definitely end tomorrow.
    People would still be worried about getting the January update.

    No one would know. We have no cell service.
    @djoka60 @m-j-s I agree, this is not a solution long term nor is it acceptable that Google didn't fix this immediately. I was merely commenting on the blanket statement confirming this is not a solution. It does work for some and for some it did not. Thing is it is worth a try and "confirming" it doesn't work would preclude some from doing that. That point is now moot since they pulled the beta signup but you can download it on apkmirror last I heard. Not sure about that now. Even if, and I'm sure you're right, the majority of users are not experiencing increased signal it means that some are. I can confirm that. ;-)

    Semantics aside this December update was a total disaster including some now deprecated (or disabled) major features of the Pixel phone service. It's almost 2 weeks now and not a real fix in sight. I'm not sure what they are thinking at this point. I almost wish I'd held onto my Pixel 5 now so I can wipe the smile off my wife's face as she twirls her P5.
    Of course she has no clue.. she's the lowest person on the totem pole, trained to answer questions like "where does my SIM card go in?"

    If people want to get Google's attention go to the link @pemz82 provided and star the issue.
    I just want to confirm that since the last Update the reception of the phone is much worse, There is a room at home where it can not be used any longer.

    How to go back to the last update without deleting all Data?
    If your bootloader is unlocked you can simply flash the radio image from your previous version. If you're not unlocked then don't do it now since unlocking will wipe all your data!

    Download the November factory image from here.
    Open it, unpack the radio-some.long.number.img and rename it to something shorter like radioNov.img
    Copy it to your adb/platform tools folder and flash it with fastboot flash radio radioNov.img

    That's it - my P6 went from 0-1 bars with the December A1 update (and A4 was just as bad) back to 3-4 bars with the mid November 037 radio.img :cool:
    Frankly i don't understand why google are doing this. Ok it is new custom chipset and new software - bugs happen. It is normal. The way this should be handled though is much different than what we are seeing and it is pretty simple to do:

    1. Stop the OTA update rollout immediately. Google did that more than week later and they also acknowledged the bug around the same time which for me was unsuccessful attempt to hide the problem.
    2. Publish news acknowledging the problem and remove the link to the OTA files so that people do not sideload the problematic update not knowing about the problem.
    3. Push update for the affected devices reverting the radio firmware to the november version till the problem is fixed.

    If they did that people would be ok and give them needed time for proper fix in the january update. Instead of that thousands of their customers (looking at the issuetracker comments alone) are left for almost two weeks now during the hoilday season with flagship devices that can't even make phone calls properly and without any information when problem will be resolved. I myself was on vacation when december update was pushed and this saved me. I did not get OTA but i would have sideloaded it if i had access to pc and may have been in the same situation. I like to be early adopter and can wait for some bugs to be fixed as soon as at least the basic functions are working. This is why i was so excited to switch to google phone. Well it looks that i will think twice and research before updating in future.