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Oct 14, 2012
Hello! Has anyone successfully gotten this to work for their AndroidTV's or knows of a tool that might? Thanks!
Of course, there is also twrp and supersu. Pretty much all android box either come with root or are easily rootable.
Find the appropriate forum and there is likely to be a ready made rooted rom.


Nov 7, 2003
Recovery XT1094_VICTARA_REPW_5.1_LPE23.32-39-R-42_cid6

XT1094 victara_repw MSM8974 recovery.img for XT1094_VICTARA_REPW_5.1_LPE23.32-39-R-42_CID6

as of today supported LPE23.32-39-R-28, I tried the supplied version - the .bat file seems to send invalid command (not understood by fastboot of the device)
and - when instead trying (not booting with the .img as a boot does not seem to do anything) to flash the .img file "image size exeeded partition limits"

... when trying the "boot" command (on a .28 firmware version device) I get "FAILED (remote failure)".

While I can OEM Unlock, Motorola does not seem to really unlock the bootloader for this device through the official way...
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is there a trick I am missing? How are people using this?


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Jul 7, 2015
Hey guys im hoping somebody can help me. I rooted my sm-t700 today and got a pass from Odin. The device rebooted and I notice knox was tripped which is good. At the lock screen I seen a notification that the tablet was rooted which is good. Then I tapped supersu and it said device not rooted?? Anybody know what's going on and possibly a fix? Should I try to reroot?


Oct 24, 2013
i only find cf auto root sm g928i android 6.0.1
mine is sm g928i android 7
can i flash my phone with it?


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Jul 7, 2015
It more than likely won't work. I did just that. My device is running android 6.0 and I accidentally flashed c.f. 5.02 and it didn't work. Reflashed c.f. 6.0 and worked fine. Lucky I didn't brick it.


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Jan 17, 2013
Lake Holiday
I recently rooted with cf auto root but I kept stock recovery. I was wondering if I used superuser and do a full unroot would I be able to take an ota update without having to do anything else


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You can root locked bootloaders. My Verizon samsung s7 edge was rooted and had a locked bootloader. I just didn't know if this method would work for the Verizon s8 plus.

Big difference between CF and the engineering firmware which allowed root on the S7s.

And no of course this wont work on a north American snapdragon S8 or S8 plus...that should be pretty clear to everyone at this point.

If you have a exynos then you can just flash twrp and SU in odin though.

sent from my Note FE, S8 plus, S7 edge or S6


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Dec 7, 2016
I recently rooted with cf auto root but I kept stock recovery. I was wondering if I used superuser and do a full unroot would I be able to take an ota update without having to do anything else
No, you have to reset the counter, and the unroot will not do it. You need to reflash rom with odin to get offiacl updates!:good:. Cannot get official updates if phone is modified! If you have an engigneer bootloader aviable use it, to don't alter system counter!
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    CF-Auto-Root is the root for "rooting beginners" and those who want to keep as close to stock as possible. CF-Root is meant to be used in combination with stock Samsung firmwares, and be the quickest and easiest way for your first root. In essence, it does nothing but install and enable SuperSU on your system, so apps can gain root access.

    This thread serves as a central discussion and request thread for CF-Auto-Root. If you have questions about a specific CF-Auto-Root binary for a specific device, please go the relevant thread listed on the CF-Auto-Root homepage.

    CF-Root and CF-Auto-Root have been available for many devices (over 50 different models !) and have clocked over 9 million downloads. This is not even counting custom ROMs that include CF-Root (non-Auto) kernels. Don't be a leech, buy me a beer (and use the "Thanks" button!). Imagine if every user had donated me $1...

    What's installed
    - SuperSU binary and APK
    - Stock recovery (note that any other recovery you may have installed will be overwritten !)

    What's the difference between CF-Auto-Root and CF-Root, and/or other root solutions ?
    CF-Root (non-Auto) are manually built rooted kernels and/or flashables that usually provide more than "just root". CF-Auto-Root is built on an automated system that I am constantly improving that takes a stock recovery image and returns an automated rooting packages. These packages are designed to install and enable SuperSU on your device, so apps can gain root access, and nothing more.

    The difference with many other rooting solutions is that those will often install a custom recovery for you (I am personally moving away from custom kernels and recoveries, for various reasons), while with CF-Auto-Root you will end up with a stock recovery again.

    Not included - custom recovery
    A custom recovery like CWM or TWRP is not included.

    Not included - Triangle Away
    Triangle Away can be used to reset the flash counter after installing CF-Root. The flash counter keeps track of how many custom firmwares you have flashed, as this voids warranty. (No idea what this about ? Read up on it, you will want to use this !)

    Not included - adbd Insecure
    As this CF-Root does not include a custom kernel, adb shell does not have root access by default (you can still get it by typing su inside the shell), nor is adb remount supported, nor will adb push and adb pull work on system files. adbd Insecure can be used to remedy this situation. (No idea what this is about ? Don't worry about it !)

    CF-Auto-Root homepage
    Requirements and requests

    The the CF-Auto-Root project currently supports the following base boards:

    - Samsung Exynos4
    - Texas Instruments Omap4
    - Qualcomm MSM8660

    Other boards will probably be added soon. Currently only Samsung devices are supported, but I'm looking to expand into other devices soon as well.

    To be able to make CF-Auto-Root for a device:

    - The device needs to have (and use) separate kernel and recovery partitions
    - The kernel and recovery format must be the boot.img standard (no zImage support)
    - I need the recovery.img file, so post it in this thread if you need support for a new device :)
    Devices and threads

    The full list of all supported devices is always available and always current at the CF-Auto-Root homepage.

    Most supported devices have their own threads here on XDA, you can find the thread for your device in the device listing on the CF-Auto-Root homepage as well.

    I will not be maintaining a secondary list in this post, as it would be double work.
    First of all, wasn't sure if it was allowed to post on this thread (it's odd, 4 days old and no post), as I've seen nothing saying I shouldn't, here I go.

    Newbie question here:

    1) Is it possible to flash CWM Recovery with this root?
    2) I'm willing to flash it, should I then just root using CF-Root(non-auto) as it already comes with CWM?
    3) The version of CWM on CF-Root (non-auto) is already outdated, would it be a problem if I just flashed the new version over it with ODIN (download it from clockworkmod.com/rommanager and flash)?

    I ask this because I want to keep my phone as stock as possible, but want to be able to perform a Nandroid backup and flash some ZIPs (if there's a way to perferm/restore Nandroid backups and flash ZIPs w/o CWM please tell me how :) )

    This thread is pretty much quiet because most of the supported devices have their own threads ;)

    (1) Root is a separate thing from CWM. CF-Auto-Root does not include CWM, but if your device has a CWM build you can certainly flash it. The "ROM Manager" app will be able to install it if your device has an "officially" supported CWM build from Koush himself.
    (2) If a CF-Root (non-auto) is available then it's probably outdated. I do not maintain any CWM builds anymore, but others do for most devices, so you should be able to find one.
    (3) You can do that no problem.

    I use Mobile ODIN for flashing ZIPs, but it does not do backup/restores (yet *wink*). For my other backup needs, I use Titanium Backup.

    But to each their own. Some people prefer CWM, some people prefer TWRP, some people like me prefer stock so we can keep the counters at 0/official, etc. CF-Auto-Root keeps all our options open. It doesn't prevent you from anything, though it does also not include anything like that.