Question Change CSC again?

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Jul 12, 2016
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
I changed my CSC (originally was XTC) to XEV via *#272*IMEI# (Preconfig app) in order to receive android 12. Now I can't run it anymore to go back to XTC. Is there a way to change CSC without tripping knox/warranty?
If bootloader modification to Unlocked state does not trip KNOX you can uses my tutorial here.

***you must check for modifired unlock bootloader , Trip Knox or not. I'm not test before.

2 COUNTRY (XTG XEV) HAVE THE SAME CSC code in Multi-regional. ( Same as my THL Thailand Country.)

***Don't root with magisk, it will trip knox. ( only unlock bootloader and flash Stock rom with Odin).

Screenshot_20220812-224821_Vivaldi Browser.jpg

Screenshot_20220812-225141_Vivaldi Browser.jpg

1. Unlock you bootloader.
2. Insert philipines Sim.
3. Download any version firmware of XTC (A11 ,A12) , flash with Odin.

Your problem is not a how to changes CSC code but Knox will trip counter or not when U unlock bootloader. :coffee:
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