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Sep 2, 2011
South Italy
4.4 RC2

- General improvements

- Improved sensors algorithm

- Fixed theme support
- Separate dimension for dual tile switch so themers can edit it separately
- Other small fixes

- General improvements

Theme Engine
- Upstream feature patches/fixes
- Fixed system and on the spot dialogs theming
- Other fixes

- Fixed clear all glitch on quick double press while many apps are loaded
- Crash preventing patches

- Fixed various force closes (Chrome, Settings, DocumentsUI)
- Fix input settings empty screen when launching from keyboard
- Fixed Safe Headset Volume dialog Softboot

Nexus 5
- Fixed lens blur rendering



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Jul 24, 2010


This week at PA headquarters we worked very hard to bring you the most stable experience ever since 4+.
Too many hot fixes have been merged today, along with some new goodies.

What does 4.4 Final mean?
Current featured branch reached final stable state. Doesn’t mean at all that development has stopped :) You can just flash this, and feel safe.

Android 4.4.4 upstream tag has been merged into our source.

The Volume Panel has been re-designed as you can see in the image below to be inline with hover, be less intrusive and more beautiful.

Hover UI/UX has been reworked a bit for tablet users: Hover will not take the whole screen width, but it will respect notification size. Also status bar isn’t hidden when hover shows and you can pull it down when you want, as you touch status bar Hover will be dismissed to not overload on top of status bar expanded state. Another awesome thing is that un-dismissible notifications cases like screenshots etc have been solved (yea is true). Last but not least the marriage with ticker view has been reworked, when hover is enabled and you receive notifications from foreground app they will not be shown in Hover but in ticker.

Fixed a couple of issues regarding repositioning. Also, Pie now follows same behavior of navigation bar on phone when in landscape, sticks at right. Last but not least Pie is now themeable by external xml resources, by Theme Engine.

As for Peek App our Native Peek got some love on sensors side. They should work better now. You can find latest Peek App with advanced features on Play Store, check link below.

Merged upstream changes and added style support to Dialer app, IME switcher alert dialog and many more.

Hopefully fixed rare blank screen and always show translucent decors.

Updated system API to let it delete folders.

Fixed some FCs.

Imported new crowdin translations.

Fixed various bugs as rare softboots and cleanups.

Downloads: http://paranoidandroid.co
Bugs: https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net
Crowdin translation system: https://crowdin.net/project/aospa-framework

Community legacy corner:

P.S. The theme shown off in the images below was made by our own +Carlo Savignano and will be available on the Play Store soon this week. Follow him to get state updates and to show him some love :)

P.P.S. The icons in the screens are from Kraken Rounded icon pack made by our own +Matt Flaming , link to the pack down below.

Peek App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jedga.peek
Kraken Rounded Icon Pack: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jmftech.krakenround.icons



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Jul 24, 2010

This week’s release is a minor cleanup from our 4.4 final release last week. Between Google I/O and the Android L preview release, not as much work got done on PA as we would have hoped. We would like to re-iterate that we cannot release any ROM based on L until the source code is publicly available, but until then we can reflect on what Android is shaping up to be.

Numerous features in Android L have been inspired by the Android aftermarket community, even some from our own PA. L has gotten serious about notifications just as we have at PA. Google has refined our Hover into something they call heads up. Heads up shows a brief, interactive card of your notifications, and Hover takes that one step further by allowing you to open a floating window. For those of you who missed it, we released a preview of our recents redesign. Minus a few material touches, our design is almost identical to Google's. Hats off to our design team, Lord Duarte would be pleased. Per app color is also judicious used throught out L another PA original feature. We are proud to see the idea mature into an android feature but we still have our own vision for it, which we will be sharing with you soon.

We also have a few surprises coming up, so keep your eyes in the PA page in the coming days

P. S. Check out this awesome behind the scenes about our download servers which serve over 20 TiB a month.

* Fix Documents UI crashing
* Full battery meter theming from CM
* Other upstream theme engine fixes
* Translations updated
* Other miscellaneous bugfixes

Download: http://paranoidandroid.co
Bug reports: https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net
Blog: http://blog.paranoidandroid.co


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Jul 24, 2010

Summertime is upon us but not everyone is free during this beautiful period of the year. Our students have exams for example and work doesn’t stop, sadly. Anyway we’re still bringing updates and trying to finalize Kitkat branch as soon as possible, to be prepared for L. Is true that the L preview source is out, but it is not the whole new sauce (maybe neither 30% of it), so planning/coding is still something early to think about. We’re watching and learning tho. Right now Android is Kitkat.

You can read more here https://plus.google.com/107979589566958860409/posts/dv46aczMqH2

So what’s new this week?
- Various low level bug fixes (we’re still working on many bug tracker tickets)
- New translations thanks to crowdin contributors
- Upstream merges for Theme Engine
- Fixed light theme support (WiFi Settings FC)

Now, what’s next
We’re announcing today our next feature, a redesigned Recents that we surpisingly figured after I/O to be in line with new L concepts. First public release will come next monday.

Notes for themers
You may want to check those patches:

PA Battery Meter(s)
- https://gerrit.paranoidandroid.co/#/c/4524/
- https://gerrit.paranoidandroid.co/#/c/4554/

Battery Tile Background
- https://gerrit.paranoidandroid.co/#/c/4557/

Holo.Light WiFi Settings Fix
- https://gerrit.paranoidandroid.co/#/c/4566/

Download: http://paranoidandroid.co*
Bug reports: https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net
Blog: http://blog.paranoidandroid.co

P.S. If you like the themes used in in post’s image, they are Objects Material on the right, Flux White/Flux on the left.

Objects #Material * http://goo.gl/6C5so0
Flux Theme http://goo.gl/CkUz7R
Flux White Theme http://goo.gl/Tz04eQ



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Aug 6, 2013
4.5 ALPHA1 / 4.43 STABLE

We were kind of busy this past week, but we still found the time to stick to our timeline at PA HQ. Today we’re bringing two releases: PA 4.43 “increase madness” for our 4.4 stable branch and PA 4.5 ALPHA1, which introduces a preview of our recents redesign. Our designers haven’t fully polished the redesign, so expect more awesomeness in the releases to come. Once again this is a preview, so expect issues and inconsistency.

Common Releases Changelog
- ParanoidOTA fixes and cleanup
- Fix daydream duplicates
- Theme Engine upstream patches
- Quicksettings fixes
- Pie will be activated in apps that use immersive mode if pie is enabled via on the spot.

Themers Note
- This patch has been merged https://gerrit.paranoidandroid.co/#/c/4614/, but it uses a static color for now. It will change to a drawable in next build.

4.5 ALPHA1 Additional Diff
- Recents CardStackView Redesign Preview

Download: http://paranoidandroid.co*
Bug reports: https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net
Blog: http://blog.paranoidandroid.co



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Jul 24, 2010
Last Monday we released the first alpha in our new 4.5 series that is all about our recent apps redesign. Today we’re releasing a second preview which greatly improves over last week. The stable 4.4 series is also getting a bump to 4.44 today.

Some sneak peek of new animations in the video below.

*New Recents*

- Reworked zoom animation
- Smoother animations
- Transparent background
- More visible shadows (not yet finished)
- Other small cleanup

*Common Diff*

- Merged Theme Engine upstream
- Fixed transparent navbar
- Possibility to hide battery in status bar (option stored in battery style settings chooser)

Download: http://paranoidandroid.co
Bug reports: https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net
Blog: http://blog.paranoidandroid.co


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Jul 24, 2010
"Being one of the most feature rich and cutting edge ROMs on the market automatically jumps you to the top, and that’s where the Paranoid Android team is finding themselves yet again here.” +Android Headlines

“It’s an incredibly powerful ROM that’s getting new features added practically every week. The latest 4.5 alpha builds, which don’t seem to be built for the OnePlus One yet, even feature an Android L style recents menu and a few other overhauls to make things even prettier before L hits this fall.” +Android Headlines

“As such we see not only all the other amazing features that Paranoid Android adds, but also ones that we’ve come to expect from our phone. Again Camera Next works just fine here, and even the off-screen gestures are built in too.” +Android Headlines

Last week we unveiled official support for Oppo and OnePlus devices using the legacy repository. Beginning today, builds for those devices will be released alongside Nexus devices.

Please note that the ALPHA builds including the new recents is in the ALPHA directory on the server and will NOT show up in your OTA. ALPHAs will be a manual process for now.

You will find the stable builds in the directory labelled with your device name.

It looks like +Android Headlines needs to update their article now ;). We are very proud to have been featured in such an article and hope that we can continue that moving forward.

+OPPO +OnePlus

Downloads: http://paranoidandroid.co/
ALPHA Builds: http://paranoidandroid.co/alpha/
Bug Tracker: https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net
Blog: http://blog.paranoidandroid.co/
Gapps: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2397942

Official Community:
Non Nexus/Oppo/1+ Device Community:

#StayParanoid #Oppo #OnePlus 


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Jul 24, 2010
4.45 STABLE / 4.5 ALPHA 3

Week has already begun, but it's vacation time for some members so we had to delay announcement*by one day :) Today we're bringing some adjustments to our Recents preview state. This may be the last preview.

New Recents Late Preview
- Improved performance a bit
- Lighter shadows
- Removed bottom recents label
- On-The-Spot selectable style for Recents (Stock/New)
- Code cleanup

General - 4.45 & 4.5 ALPHA 3
- Theme Engine upstream patches
- Misc fixes for our hidden battery feature
- Fix Hover icon size (fits QS Edit one now, a point more for UX)
- Some devices related low level misc fixes

Themers Note
You may want to look to our recents patches we made for PA:

Download: http://paranoidandroid.co*
Bug reports: https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net
Blog: http://blog.paranoidandroid.co

#StayParanoid *


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Jul 24, 2010
4.5 Beta 1
A tasty #BetaRelease is here!

For the last few weeks we have been releasing alpha builds and have reached a point of stability for the recents build series. We are currently working on finalizing the new design of recents and fixing minor issues, earning recents a beta tag. You should not be scared about the “beta” in the build name, but instead #StayParanoid and take the release out for a test drive as it is still a fairly polished and stable one. If you stumble upon any bugs or little details that don’t look right in your opinion, you can use our issue tracker to report them.

Some of the articles for our last week’s alpha build

Changes in this week’s beta release
- Significantly increased the stability of recents
- Patch Google bug 13678484 aka “Fake ID” (https://gerrit.paranoidandroid.co/4656)
- Make PA specific features work nicely on multi-user (https://gerrit.paranoidandroid.co/4654)
- Include the latest CM changes for the theme engine
- Fix the "clear all recents" bug

tl;dr Download the latest build from http://paranoidandroid.co/roms and feel free to report any issues at https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net/


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Jul 24, 2010
4.5 BETA 2

The #BetaRelease with the sweet looking recents is here!

This week a lot of work was put into making the new design of recents top notch. The reworked layout will make the recents menu easier to navigate and provide a more eye-pleasing experience in general so #StayParanoid and grab the build for your device.

What exactly changed:

- Design improvements for recents
- The calculator was made themeable
- Merged upstream Theme Engine changes merged

IMPORTANT NOTE: We had issues with Flo and Deb builds. We're uploading them tomorrow. Sorry about that.

Head over to http://paranoidandroid.co/ for the downloads.


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Jul 24, 2010
4.5 BETA 3

As many of you might have heard, we are hard at work on the next big thing. However, good things come to those who wait. Since we’re hard at work on Dynamic Status Bar (more coming soon), this week’s release is a little light, containing only bug fixes for theme engine and card-style recents.



Fixed blank screen in recents

Fixed transparent status bar in recents

Misc fixes to theme engine.

Builds (NEXUS/OPPO/1+): http://paranoidandroid.co

Bug Reports: https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net

Legacy community (for devices not listed on official site): https://plus.google.com/communities/103106032137232805260

Blog: http://blog.paranoidandroid.co


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Jul 24, 2010
This week brings joy to many who like to have their system bars colored. As it was already revealed, we have been working on DSB for a while and we finally think it behaves well enough for a preview. We are also adding the swipe-up gesture to dismiss Hover quickly and simply while still allowing you to get back to the notification a bit later. There are still some bugs here and there for DSB with the most worrying ones being related to performance and in turn battery usage, but regardless of that this release should be rather solid and enjoyable by all. Feel free to try it out and #StayParanoid.

As we just did a little update a few days ago, the change log is not that long for this version bump, but here goes:

  • Introduce Dynamic System Bars
  • Introduce the swipe-up gesture to dismiss Hover
  • Get rid of possible slowness during I/O on the stock kernel for hammerhead

Downloads (NEXUS/OPPO/1+): http://paranoidandroid.co
Bug Reports: https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net
Gerrit: https://gerrit.paranoidandroid.co
GitHub: https://github.com/aospa
Official community: https://plus.google.com/communities/112514149478109338346
Legacy community (for devices not listed on official site): https://plus.google.com/communities/103106032137232805260


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Jul 24, 2010
4.6 BETA 2 - Rainbow Smoothness.

The Summer development rush is sadly over and as you noticed during the last few weeks, we took a little break from doing actual releases. This was generally due to team members adapting to their packed timetables and heading off to well deserved holidays.

For this week's release, DSB has been cleaned up and other fixes have been added. There is still room for improvement at some places - especially for lower end devices - but there should be a noticeable improvement with more fluid and less jittery animations all around. The feature still includes a bit of unwanted battery drain but it should still be more conservative on the precious compared to the previous beta so #stayparanoid and try it out.

- Clean up DSB animations
- Reduce DSB screen polling
- Correctly update the lock screen track information
- Improve the general graphical performance
- Update the OPO drivers and add other minor improvements
- Follow CM's changes for TE

Downloads: http://paranoidandroid.co
Blog: http://blog.paranoidandroid.co/
Bug Reports: https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net
Gerrit: https://gerrit.paranoidandroid.co
GitHub: https://github.com/aospa
Official Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/112514149478109338346
Legacy Community (For devices which are not listed on official site): https://plus.google.com/communities/103106032137232805260



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Jul 24, 2010
4.6 BETA 3 - Release Solid Strawberry

A new week brings a new release. This week we are happy to present a sweet little beta release. We have made changes to our take on the recents menu and of course increased the smoothness of DSB animations as well. As with all beta releases, there is still room for improvement but #stayparanoid and don't hesitate to try it out.

Main changes introduced:

- Clean up DSB icon animations
- Crop thumbnails of portrait floating windows
- Dismiss the redesigned recents menu on touches outside of the thumbnails
- Tweak the design of the volume panel and Pie QS toggles
- Merge Theme Engine changes by CM.

Downloads: http://paranoidandroid.co
Blog: http://blog.paranoidandroid.co/
Bug Reports: https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net
Gerrit: https://gerrit.paranoidandroid.co
GitHub: https://github.com/aospa
Official Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/112514149478109338346
Legacy Community (For devices which are not listed on official site): https://plus.google.com/communities/103106032137232805260


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Jul 24, 2010
Sadly, mistakes are sometimes made. This week's release launched with two little faults. The first one was caused by a small context mixup leading to the system freaking out when the user responded to an On-The-Spot confirmation dialog. While this bug was around for all the devices, it was easy to miss by long time users as OTS confirmation dialogs are exclusive to setting the ROM specific features up. The second bug was caused by upstream CM changes that we merged and was all about video playback unintentionally becoming a horrible experience on bacon. Due to this we are pushing new builds providing a smoother experience.

You should have an update waiting in the OTA app already. If you are looking for a download link instead, please note that the cache might not roll these new builds out to you instantly and that they are going to be tagged 20141002.

Apologies from us for the mishap. #stayparanoid and, depending on your time zone, have a good day and/or night!

Downloads: http://paranoidandroid.co/
Original release: https://plus.google.com/+ParanoidAndroidCorner/posts/1RPC7tLyCen


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Jul 24, 2010
4.6 BETA 4 - Release Humble Huckleberry

We had to delay the release a bit this week due to some device specific mishaps that were discovered in the final review stage of the builds. As those issues have been resolved, we are happy to announce a pair of delightful changes.

We are making the edit mode of Quick Settings a bit more unified by getting rid of the split between the standard tiles and the temporary tiles such as the remote display/cast tile and the alarm tile. This means you can now hide those tiles and move them around to reorganize the screen just as you want it to be.

We are adding a new default AOSPA wallpaper. This is going to be most prominent for new users but you, experienced user, might be interested in checking it out as well. It is available as the first item on Google Now Launcher backgrounds list and also visible as a part of the "Backgrounds" app choice in other launchers such as Nova.

Please note: The default wallpaper is a bit special on the system and you might still see the old thumbnail. One way to resolve this is to do a clean flash with a factory reset (wiping of user data). A different, more clean approach is to ask the relevant files to be removed which can be done by either by
a) opening a terminal/command prompt on your computer, connecting your device up to it and running: adb shell su -c 'rm -f /data/data/com.android.wallpapercropper/files/default_thumb.jpg; rm -f /data/data/com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox/files/default_thumb2.jpg'
b) opening a terminal emulator on your device and running: su -c 'rm -f /data/data/com.android.wallpapercropper/files/default_thumb.jpg; rm -f /data/data/com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox/files/default_thumb2.jpg'

As usual - have fun and #stayparanoid !

Change log:
Make all Quick Settings tiles act similarly in edit mode
- Add a new default AOSPA wallpaper
- Improve speed and stability of the core
- Adapt to the Peek standalone application package name change

Downloads: http://paranoidandroid.co/
Blog: http://blog.paranoidandroid.co/
Bug Reports: https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net/
Gerrit: https://gerrit.paranoidandroid.co/
GitHub: https://github.com/AOSPA
Official Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/112514149478109338346
Legacy Community (For devices which are not listed on official site): https://plus.google.com/communities/103106032137232805260



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Jul 24, 2010
*4.6 BETA 5 - Release Playful Pitaya*

This week, PA team members have worked overtime to unravel the previously encountered DSB issues. The product is back to the usual stability, with a bunch of tweaks all around, but still deserving the beta tag.

Most of the work was put into hardening DSB, but an additional configuration option was also added as an experiment mainly for those interested in increased speed. This is more of a "power user" setting as it can have an influence on the battery life - you have been warned - and is not guaranteed to stay around for later releases. To mess around with the setting, just run _adb shell su -c 'settings put system experimental_dsb_frequency 2'_ on your computer, replacing the 2 with any other number of choice. If you find frequencies that seem to work fine for you and still provide solid battery life, feel free to share them.

*Quick pointers for the setting:*

- The default value for a newly set up device is 2.
- Lower numbers mean slower, higher numbers mean faster.
- You probably don't want to go into negative numbers. It's the ones that are lower than 0.
- The counter caps out at 20. That is CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL.
- Going above the maximum of 20 is not going to change anything... Trust us... Just don't try it at home.

*Changes new in this release:*

- Provide a better flow for bar transitions and DSB
- Add the _experimental_dsb_frequency_ setting (for now)
- Include a pair of themeability changes
- Tweak OPO device-specific code

#staypositive - #stayhappy - #stayparanoid - #grabdownloads

*Downloads:* http://paranoidandroid.co/
*Blog:* http://blog.paranoidandroid.co/
*Bug Reports:* https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net/
*Gerrit:* https://gerrit.paranoidandroid.co/
*GitHub:* https://github.com/AOSPA
*Official Community:* https://plus.google.com/communities/112514149478109338346
*Legacy Community (For devices which are not listed on the official site):* https://plus.google.com/communities/103106032137232805260


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Jul 24, 2010

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    Paranoid Android Change Logs & Full Feature Catalog


    This post is meant to reflect the core changes made to the AOSPA source code.
    These changes should be present in any device-build that is created using PA as the base.
    Device specific tweaks (additions and/or removals) implemented on legacy builds or any non-official builds will NOT be listed here, these should instead be noted by the device maintainer/developer in the appropriate device thread.
    In an effort to keep this concise, minor bug fixes and optimizations will be omitted. Those can be viewed on Github and/or Gerrit.
    Major user-facing bug fixes would however be noted.

    Download: download.paranoidandroid.co/roms/

    AOSPA 4.3 Beta 4 <2014-05-13>
    • Hover - swipe to dismiss
    • Optional low battery warning settings
    • Update circle battery design

      Bug fixes
    • QS tile text alignment
    • Incoming call answer ring position
    • Launch floating mode from recents
    • Hover blacklist
    • Hover notification button transparency

    AOSPA 4.3 Beta 3 <2014-05-06>
    • Launch floating mode apps from notification shade (long press)
    • Launch floating mode apps from recent apps
    • Incoming call in background
    • Hover black list
    • Root access modes (disabled, apps only, adb only, apps and adb)
    • Bug fixes

    AOSPA 4.3 Beta 2 <2014-05-01>
    • Ability to disable IME notification
    • Fix two finger pull down bug
    • Fix some Hover bugs
    • Updated in call UI
    • Bug fixes

    AOSPA 4.3 Beta 1 <2014-04-29>
    • Initial Hover release
    • Long press recent button to switch to last app
    • Pause and resume downloads
    • Make clear all recents button optional
    • PA OTA user interface updates
    • Update Documents UI (can now install apk files)

      Bug fixes
    • Documents UI crash when selecting from downloads tab
    • Quicksetting appear even if disabled (when pulling down over clock)
    • Pie freeze bug
    • Other generic fixes

    AOSPA 4.2 Beta 5 <2014-04-22>
    • Additional battery status option
    • Removed custom lock screen wallpaper (requires updated UI)
    • Added transparency to incoming call screen
    • Bug fixes

    AOSPA 4.2 Beta 4 <2014-04-08>
    • Added open source dialer lookup <SlimROM>
    • Do not show advanced reboot options on secure lock screens
    • Fixed rare Pie’s freeze
    • Fix a LTE issue for Toro/Toroplus
    • Updated lightbulb notification drawable
    • Other Bug fixes

    AOSPA 4.2 Beta 3 <2014-04-01>
    • Updated immersive tile drawables
    • Show live wallpaper in recent apps view
    • Switched from SuperSU to SuperUser

      Bug fixes
    • Custom lock screen blur crash
    • Pie control graphics bug on recents??
    • On boot brightness bug
    • Random showing of nav bar in Pie mode
    • OTA fixex

    AOSPA 4.2 Beta 2 <2014-03-25>
    • Notification Peek wakelock fixes + tweaks
    • Immersive mode modifications
    • QuickSettings sound tile
    • Custom lock screen
    • Update App ops (App privacy) layout
    • Update download notification formatting

    AOSPA 4.2 Beta 1 <2014-03-18>
    • Notification Peek
    • Pie Control fixes
    • Bugs fixes

    AOSPA 4.1 Beta 2 <2014-03-10>
    • Pie Control fixes
    • Quick toggles refresh
    • Light bulb lock screen widget
    • Bugs fixes

    AOSPA 4.1 Beta <2014-03-03>
    • Pie Controls
    • Disable safe headset volume warning (on-the-spot preference)
    • Quick toggle rearrange now requires long press to move
    • Optimize boot speeds
    • Revert Quiet hours (requires re-work)
    • Bugs fixes

    AOSPA 4.0 Beta 6 <2014-02-17>

    AOSPA 4.0 Beta 5 <2014-02-10>
    • Quiet hours
    • National data roaming
    • Updated and fixed a few APNs
    • Enable transparency on Manta
    • Update ParanoidOTA (no longer requires root access)

      Bug Fixes
    • Custom notification LED code reworked
    • Download speed not showing/expanding
    • Quick settings fixes
    • Manta flashlight toggle fix
    • A few AOSP fixes

    AOSPA 4.0 Beta 4 <2014-01-27>
    • Restored two finger quick setting pull down
    • Improved lightbulb activation time on tablets
    • Immersive mode fixes (also, now a dual tile)
    • Network toggle tile is disabled if Google dialer is installed
    • Sleep tile long press opens power menu
    • Long press rssi (mobile network) tile takes you to data usage
    • Dimmed dual tile switch icon
    • Downloads notification now expandable (show download speed)
    • Fixed Nexus 10 bootanimation
    • Add SuperSU to settings, hide app from launcher
    • PA OTA fixes

    AOSPA 4.0 Beta 3 <2014-01-20>
    • Quick settings 3.0
    • Maximize lockscreen widgets
    • Fix bug with rotation lock tile
    • Fix network tiles for CDMA devices
    • Fix graphical glitches on galaxy nexus
    • Update AOSP dialer icon to Google dialer icon
    • Separate device encryption password from lockscreen password
    • Contextual "on-the-spot" preference dialog (first implementation: Quick settings pull down)
    • AOSP dialer check (removes features that rely on AOSP dialer if Google dialer is installed)
    • Other AOSP bug fixes

    AOSPA 4.0 Beta 2 <2014-01-13>

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fix Sprint data issues
    • Fix lockscreen blur rotation on tablets
    • Fix quick settings edit mode icon transparency
    • Fix possible force close when enabling see through lockscreen
    • Standardize notification LED app selector icon size

    Initial Release - AOSPA 4.0 Beta <2013-12-24>
    • Built-in SuperSu
    • Advanced Power Menu
    • Enhanced Volume Buttons
    • Enhanced Volume Controls
    • Global Immersive Mode Toggle
    • Notification LED Light Controls
    • Actionable Status Bar Date/Time
    • Keyguard Quick Unlock [standard]
    • Disable full screen keyboard [standard]
    • Basic file browser (Documents <from Omni>)
    • Exposed Google's Native App Privacy Controls
    • Recent/Clear All Button Combo (context aware)
    • Screenshot Delete Added to Screenshot Notification
    • Optional Lock Screen Transparency (blur effect WIP)
    • Optional Status Bar Battery Icons (mirrored in quick settings)
    • Quick Settings 2.0 (edit tiles from within the pull down panel)

    Included APKs
    Cell Broadcast Receiver
    Paranoid OTA
    Sim Toolkit

    Device Type : ALL
    Default : Off
    Location : Settings - Display
    Description : Based on the Moto X Active Display feature, Peek grants users a quick view of recently received notifications. Peek uses motion and light sensors to determine if to turn the device screen on. Sensors are only active for 10 seconds after a new notification is received. Your screen will not turn on without first moving the device, this could be a simple tilt or actually lifting the device. User interaction is key.

    When a notification arrives, picking up your device within the ten second window will trigger the Peek UI
    Swipe or tap the smaller icons to move through available notifications, or tap the larger icon to launch the respective app
    Swipe away the larger icon to dismiss the notification

    This is not a lock screen replacement. Your regular lock screen will be displayed as usual outside of the 10 second window in which Peek is active.

    Peek Demo

    Paranoid ROM Features

    This post will catalog the features available in the Paranoid Android ROM.
    It will list available features with links to follow-up posts detailing the feature and how to access it.
    If I have overlooked a feature or you believe a given description can be better worded, please feel free to PM me.

    Custom Settings [Listed in Settings app]
    Wireless & Networks
    ----More ---- Mobile Networks ---- National data roaming

    --------Link ringtone & notification volumes toggle
    --------Play sound when adjusting ringtone with volume buttons
    ----Ascending ringtone
    ----Volume buttons wake

    ---- Wallpaper ---- Lock screen
    ----Notification peek
    ----Notification LED

    ----Status bar icons

    ----See through (Lockscreen blur)
    ----Maximize Widgets
    ----Separate device encryption password

    ---- Selector notification

    Backup & Reset
    ----Reset preferences

    ----App Privacy (Google App Ops)

    Dynamic Settings [Not found in Settings app]
    Global Immersive mode <credits to CM>
    Pie controls (activated by turning on immersive mode)
    Quick settings edit (add, remove and reorder tiles)
    Quick settings pull down
    Disable safe headset volume warning
    Enable/Disable clear all recent apps button
    Long press recent apps button to switch to last app

    Standard Features [Non-configurable]
    Advanced Power Menu
    Keyguard quick unlock
    Disable fullscreen keyboard
    Quick settings dual tiles
    Expandable download notification (download speed)
    Volume panel style - Expandable
    Actionable status bar Date/Time
    Long press volume buttons skips music
    Screenshot delete notification action
    Recent apps / Clear all recent apps (context aware button)
    Pause and resume downloads
    4.4 BETA1

    On this week’s dose of awesome sauce from PA Headquarters. We are proud to bring you Theme Engine, a stable Hover and a bunch of fixes. Hats off to CM, Clark Scheff, Andrew Mast and Sony mobile, for their work on Theme engine Truly outstanding work. Porting it to an AOSP base was a massive effort, lead by +Carlo Savignano. We tried to do it in a way so that it can be easily ported to other AOSP based ROMs for the benefit of the entire community. We are also proud to mark Hover stable, after many betas and three rewrites. We apologize for all the betas, but we really wanted to try to get this right, we encourage you to compare this build to beta 1, some major improvements have been made. The lessons learned here means more/quicker awesomeness in the future. With Google IO only a month away we are nearing the end of Kitkat, but that doesn't mean development is slowing down. Our team is comprised of numerous students and with school ending we are now doubling down on making PA awesome, we plan to finish strong and have a few Major projects to release that we have been working on internally for quite some time. Awesomeness is coming :) *

    P.S. This is still 4.4.2. We have merged and are testing 4.4.3 internally but it was released too close to our release to allow enough time for adequate testing.*

    P.S 2 Like the Themes shown off in the image below they were made by our own +Matt Flaming* and *+Lo Huot* and are available on the play store (PiazzA will be available soon). Show them some love.

    - Translated into over 30 languages!
    - Backported numerous fixes from AOSP master.
    - Improved quicksettings.
    - Removed lockscreen blur feature in favour of custom lockscreen background from*Theme Engine (it will come back as a component of theme engine in the future).

    Theme Engine
    - Bring full CM11 theme engine. (First AOSP based ROM!!)
    - WARNING: Home button gets refreshed only after reboot or by force killing SystemUI *if you want to *a avoid reboot. Will be fixed in next build.

    - Stable status!!
    - Removed Jank (its a technical term)
    - Fixed remaining bugs, including spam and invisible notifications.
    - Fully working and improved inCallUi.
    - Restored default swipe to dismiss behavior. An upcoming swipe up gesture will let you dismiss*hover as was replacing the old behavior.

    - Fixed immersive API Thanks for the developers who helped diagnose the issue
    - Vastly improved triggering, and allow you to trigger from any area on the edge on tablets.
    - Pie now rotates like the navBar (will appear on short edge).
    - Enabled pie only on immersive mode enabled by quick settings tlie (not in app immersive).
    - Fixed AOSP immersive bug issue where apps would register a touch when swiping statusBar*and/or navBar.
    - Fixed numerous freezes.

    WARNING: We recommend a clean flash this time due to massive changes

    Builds: http://paranoidandroid.co/roms

    Bugs: https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net

    Kraken Icon Pack: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jmftech.kraken.icons

    #StayParanoid *

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    Thread cleaned
    Second and final warning
    This is NOT a discussion thread. It is information ONLY
    Warnings/infractions/bans will begin after this and posts will be deleted without notice
    Take your questions to the Q&A section
    Thank you for your cooperation
    Friendly Neighborhood Senior Moderator

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