Change the Chrome Search Bar Widget colour: is it possible in Moto X4 Android 9.0 ??

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Feb 11, 2011
Hello, I have a Moto X4 Android 9 and I would like to change the white colour of the Chrome Search Bar widget by a transparent one, or black, for example.

Would it be possible to do this, like the image that I have attached and I have seen surfing this website for a Moto X4 Android 9.0 ?.

Thanks in advance!


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Nova Launcher (latest) should do it (without unlocking BL or root, etc.) with stock rom. My Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite running Android One Pie, stock is happy with Nova Laucher ... more ways to tweek & customize homescreen, grid layout, etc. Very good experience & results with NL before I sold the Nexus 6 and traded the Nexus 6P into Google Fi for the Moto X4. Once set, the layout can be locked & backed up, etc.

Lawnchair is the other Launcher that also work on the XM A2Lite.
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