Changing Apple Music on Android's album layout? (Pixel 5a)

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Jun 10, 2023
Apologies for how relatively tech-illiterate this'll probably sound, I am not generally a tech person, I just have this very specific problem I've been trying to fix for years and this seems like a place that might be able to give me an answer if there is one

Backstory for where my troubles began: a long time ago, the standard music app on apple phones (aka what is used to play apple music) had albums, songs, artists, etc laid out in columns, with album art listed vertically on the left side of the screen and titles listed in the same row. This worked well for me. For visual reference:


Currently, songs, playlists, and artists are still arranged in this manner. However, at some point the album tab adopted a different layout entirely; rows and columns of album art, titles listed under the art, with no more than 6 albums onscreen at any given time, though with how big the albums are and how they get partially obscured while scrolling its often closer to 4. Again, for visual reference:


I really can't stand this. I have never been able to stand it and in all the years of using this stupid app I have never been able to get used to it. I like to browse my libraries; whether it's music, movies, books, whatever I like having collections that I can scan through, it's an integral part of how I consume media. The app being arranged this way makes this near impossible for me- there's so little onscreen at a time, it's like if any time I wanted to scan my bookshelf I had to put up an empty picture frame in front of my face and only look at the five books visible through that frame at a time. It makes finding music to listen to a big pain every time and I know it's not really THAT big a deal all things considered but I'm fed up with it at this point, it's like a splinter that won't go away. The rows system let me actually scan across titles effectively. I just want THAT back. That is the only thing I want back in regards to this app.

I might switch to another music streaming app, but there would be a lot of complications with that for various reasons; for the sake of this thread pretend that's not an option. Is there any way to jailbreak/hack into/use add ons for the music app on android in a way that could change the way the album tab layout looks on the app? Or, are there third party apple music apps on android that solve this issue? If this isn't the place to ask this or there's something more specific I ought to be asking let me know; I'm just looking for any fix anywhere I can find it at this point.
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