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Question Changing CSC (F926B)

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Dec 2, 2011
Jah's making me crazy
Hi All

Simple question..........

Has anyone successfully changed the CSC on their fold 3 yet whilst being completely stock?

Samkey is not up to date yet and isn't compatible and none of the method dotted about on the net seem to work (using special dialing codes etc)

If anyone has, what did ya do?


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Unfortunately you can't flash a boot loader from a different version, so the U1 has to stay a U1, B has to stay a B. Since the U1 is just sold in the US, unless one of the carriers unlocks eSIM or Call Recording, changing the CSC is useless.
you can in previous version. unlocking bootloader will allow you to flash variant firmware too. solution needed to bypass the checks without unlock.


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Download Odin 3.14.1
Download SM-F926B_XID_F926BXXU1AUG8 from your favourite firmware download site
Flash AP/BL/CP/CSC using ODIN, make sure for CSC you load the CSC_OMC_OLE and NOT the HOME_CSC

XID version enables call recording and e-SIM on your SM-F926B/DS
Can I do this procedure with SM-F9260 Version? I want to get the Native call recording.

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