Changing CSC with SamKey (New version)

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@pintaporto Read your PM's. You have been warned several times to post in English or provide English translations with your posts. If you continue to ignore these warnings, administrative action may be taken against your account.
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Now that you came back using non-English language, a few minutes after my friendly warning about it, YOU HAVE NOW RECEIVED AN OFFICIAL WARNING ON YOUR XDA ACCOUNT WITH 1 POINT PENALTY FOR 6 MONTHS.

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    CHC firmware can be owerwriten with TGY witouth problems...if any1 needs that info [emoji6][emoji2772]

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    What's the benefits of changing CSC? First Samsung phone since S2.
    @quertox I've downloaded last TGY Firmware (October) from Sammobile and flashed it with Odin. To enter download mode on s20 turn it off, pres and hold up+vol down together and connect usb-c from pc to a phone. After you get screen on Chinese you have to press vol up once to enter download mode. Good luck [emoji112]

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    My phone is S20 SM-G980F maybe other code is needed or is for all S20?
    try : restart ur mobile , sure sim card in / copy the code from here
    than install the google phone app / set it as default dialer / try like u wana make a call with new number and past the code / u must see csc screen appear...
    be carefull if it work and successful , ur phone will wipe.
    hope it work
    good night
    I have a Snapdragon S20+, SM-G9860 apparently from Hong Kong, currently on the TGY region. Bought from Amazon Renewed in the UK for use in the UK, Whilst everything works fine, I'd like to changed the CSC to the BTU region, in my case is it just a case of changing it with Samkey? The dialer method only brings up CHC/TGY/BRI.

    I've tried to research this myself however it's hard to find a straight answer with it being a HK device and the UK having the Exynos model.