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As is known, in android devices, there is no charging process up to the physical capacity of the battery in the battery charging process. The Android system charges 70-80% of our battery, depending on the physical capacity. I'm looking for an application or Magisk module that can change these limits. To remove the limit set by the system by default and use the physical battery capacity of the device. I am aware that this process will shorten the battery life of my device.


Senior Member
  • Jun 23, 2020
    Better go by voltage not %.
    Better read the white papers for that particular cell before you begin. I also suggest you autopsy an old "bag" Li. You'll be amazed how flimsy they are and with only a goofy plastic bag to seal it.

    Overcharging an Li can easily turn into a thermal runaway "event".
    The charge curve is written in blood especially Samsung's🤣
    Top charging can also cause Li plating which can degrade an Li rapidly and potentially cause a membrane breach ie an event.
    The higher the charge, the more memorable the event will be...
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