Charger brick for Xiaomi 55W Wireless charger

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Jul 11, 2008
Hi guys,

The 55W wireless charger comes without a brick. Does anyone know if we can buy a brick from somewhere? I see that the Mi 10 Ultra charger brick works with the wireless charger but I would like to buy a separate brick for the wireless charger only. Can we use some other brick or do we have to use an official 10 Ultra brick?

Thanks! :)


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Nov 10, 2011
Read the other thread in Accessories.

Try to search for xiaomi 65w charger CDQ072M it will charge the 55w wireless stand The charger comes with usb c cable already in the box. I've been using this setup at the office. It fully charge my mi 10 ultra in less than an hour from 10% battery

Yeah it works.. but does it show Mi Turbo Charge or 50w MAX Charge on the phone?

I have the same set, only the original 120w cable with the 65w charger will activate 50w wireless charging

It seems that only the original 120w cable that came with the phone will activate 50w MAX Charge for wireless charging.


Dec 29, 2008
Here is my mi 10 ultra charging using the mi 55w wireless stand and xiaomi 65w CDQ072M charger & bundled cable from it not the original mi 10 ultra 120w bundle charger & cable.
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Sep 3, 2020
Got my 55w charger. Just using it with the original 120w charging brick because I don't really have a need for the 120w brick on its own now that I have the wireless charger.

Works fine. Cool how it has active cooling. A little fan blowing between the phone and the charger.


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Sep 3, 2020
I love this charger. It's more useful than any other phone accessories I've ever had. I can sit at my computer for 30 minutes and basically give a full charge (I usually stop around 90% and charge once it gets below 30, so full for me is not 0-100). If I use the wall charger even though it's fast, I have to worry about damaging the charging port by holding the phone while it's plugged in, or just not use it at all for 20-25 minutes, and of course every time I notice it's low its usually when I'm in the middle of doing something on the phone.


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Jun 17, 2012
Ormskirk, UK
Have just ordered this, will see how it goes. Previously tried OnePlus Warp Charger, that doesn't work at all (LED just continually flashes and doesn't charge), same with Oppo Find X2 pro charger. Old Huawei Mate 20 pro charger works but not at a fast speed.

Update: Works with charger, but don't get the 50W Max notification. Seems to charge pretty fast but can't give a rate... other than Ampere shows top charge speed of around 1100mA (Mate 20 pro charger shows around 350-400mA when using that)
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Mar 3, 2020
I've been using the xiaomi 65w charger with it and it works just as well as when I was using the 120w charger, as far as reaching max wireless charging speed. Picked it up so I could take my 120w charger to the office.

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    I am using the 55W wireless charger with the 65W GAN charger from Xiaomi. It has
    a usb C to C cable included and I am able to charge at its full potential.
    Works for me with the Baseus 120 GaN Charger and a 100w Usb-c to Usb-c cabel.
    You baseus charger can provide 120w fast charge? I have same 120w baseus brick.. But charging it (wired) can only get me quick charge. Its very slo2
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